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1) City Gates

2) Antler and Thistle Tavern –
Ologold Trannyth built the Antler and Thistle from the ashes of another tavern that was destroyed in the first Red Hand invasion. Like the previous owner, Ologold loses his tavern to the newest Hobgoblin attacks.

2a) Chatren and Sons Inn
Next door to Antler and Thistle – Chatren and his 2 sons worked in tandem with Ologold to build this inn next door.

2b) Alchemy by Adronsius –
Catty-corner to Antler and Thistle – Content Not Found: Adronsius and his wife run this alchemy shop. Because they helped save him, he gives them a 25% discount on his concoctions.

2c) Staghunter Outfitters –
Across from Chatren and Sons – Seaben and Thoamros Staghunter opened clothing and shoe shops next door to one another. Their prices are reasonable and they have clothing for all climates

3) Axehaft Security (Guard Services) –
This huge building is owned by a dwarf named Eldremma Axenhaft. She keeps a small contingent of fighters and warriors on staff, hiring them out as guards for merchants.

4) Gavriel’s Arms & Smithy ( Weapon & Armor Shop) –
Udohorn Gavriel and his 7 sons run this complex of stone buildings.

5) Brindol Market
Huge open-air market.

6) Ilya’s Cardhouse Tavern
Torgin Kuraki, the corpulent half-orc who now runs the tavern.

6a) Red Door Inn
Across the street from Ilya’s Cardhouse – This poor inn reflects the clientele that drag themselves over to sleep off their drunken stupor after “living it up” at the Cardhouse.

7) Red Magic and Sundries ( Magic Shop) –
This is the shop and home of Immerstal the Red, Brindol’s most prominent wizard and his longtime companion Alandri.

8) Shrine of Bahamut –
This modest building is now a religious center catering to the local followers of Bahamut. There is no permanent clergy, but it is maintained by followers in the city and traveling clerics of the Platinum Dragon often stop here as they’re passing through the valley.

9) Brindol gentlemen’s Club (Tavern) –
Andraki Lenn , tproprietor of this high-class tavern,prides himself on providing a clean, sophisticated venue for Brindol’s populace to seek entertainment and drink.

9a) Silk and Spoon Inn
Next door to the B.G.C., this high class inn caters to the rich passing through town. Each room allows for single occupancy and servants are always on hand to make sure that every need is met.

10) Council Meeting Hall –
This huge building is surrounded by many smaller meeting rooms for conducting private meetings. The main hall is lavishly furnished and a small section has been set aside for the citizenry to watch the proceedings. The council is made up of twelve members; Lord Warden Harrik Orenna is the public face of the council and commander of the city militia.

11) College of Ioun –
This two-story building is perhaps the most prestigious place of learning in the entire Elsir Vale. The academy offers courses in history, magical theory, geography, alchemy, engineering, and culture. Jalissa works at the college.

12) Blue Parrot Tavern –
This building is a combination tavern and brewery. The taproom caters to rich but wild patrons, making it a place where most adventurers feel right at home. The owner of the Blue Parrot is a dapper male human named Rillor Pain.

12a) Pantashi Inn
An almost unnoteworthy establishment. The prices seem high, the beds are mediocre.

13) Kaal Manor (Noble Estate)
Kaal Manor might well be the greatest and most tasteful display of wealth in the city. And with good cause: Its primary in habitant is Lady Verrasa Kaal, a shrewd and gifted merchant who owns more businesses and holds more outstanding markers than anyone else in Brindol (or, indeed, the vale).

14) Troyas Manor (Noble Estate)
The manor of Eoffram Troyas, councilman. His manor is large, but spartan and efficient.

15) Alpenglow Trading House
Ravastine Alpenglow, the Eladrin, opened the trading house as was her father’s dying wish. For the last 10 years, she’s been supplying adventurers with what they need.

16) Great Hall of Valor
After the great and tragic battle of the Red Hand, a shrine was built upon Cathedral Square wherein was placed the artifacts from the war: Gauntlets, Dragoncrest Helm, Ceremonial Sword, 2 Broken Shields, and the Battle Standard are all displayed here. Sertanian cares for these “treasures” of a bygone age as the Castellan. A brief study of the artifacts shows they have no magic beyond the inspiration which they give to the city.

17) Shrine of the Sun (Pelor) & Moondust Temple (Sehanine) –
Aravyre Tigersoul, female cleric of Pelor and Thoien Uthander are as united today as their predecessors who built these two temples. The cathedral has a host of nearly two dozen clerics that work & live there.

18) Shrine of the Open Door (Avandra)
Ravastina Brushranger, an aged Halfling cares for this shrine.

18a) Avandrian Hostel – Next door to Shrine –
Ravastina also cares for the hostel next door to the shrine.

19) Haskinar Mansion (Noble Estate) –
The family matriarch Rhola Haskinar either owns, finances, or has alliances with virtually all the farmers that surround the city.

20) Brindol Cemetary
This large compound is surrounded by a low stone wall.

21) Temple of Erathis –
This modest-sized structure is breathtaking to behold – the temple’s high priestess, Mhiram, and Erathis’ clergy are seen as performing a valuable public service.


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