FR Scales of War

Protecting Akma'ad


Date: 8/1/1479 DR


Dark Blue Piece of Glass Elarinya On Sacrifice On Captain Iquel
War Ring Elarinya On Sacrifice On Captain Iquel
Eladrin Ring of Passage Vylify Towers on the Ledge On Mindslicer
Resplendant Cloak Damaia After Chaos From Dispater
Pursuer’s Boots Searynox Towers on the Ledge On a Warrior
Belt of Breaching Elarinya Towers on the Ledge On a Myrmidon

Food =, Drinks =

As the Outsiders engage the Githyanki army above Fortress Akma’ad,
chaos ensues as normal.

Today the part of Tokk’it was played by Vincent K.


As the group neared Fortress Akma’ad, they saw another red dragon and rider circling to the north, another airship (the Sacrifice) to the East, and the Githyanki army attacking the walls of the fortress. The defending Githzerai seemed to be doing a decent job, but their forces were stretched thin and were hard-pressed on all sides. As well, the north-most towers above had been taken over by the enemy, which was why the boulder trap had never been released.

Since the other airship seemed closest, the group asked Tokk’it to fly them up next to the Sacrifice, keeping it between them and the other dragon. As they pulled up beside the awaiting airship, warriors leapt from the other ship, using their psychic abilities. The Outsiders quickly knocked them out of the air, while Elarinya took the fight to their ship. Once their minions were dead, Vylify and Searynox joined Rinya on the other ship attacking the Mindslicer. Damaia had been about ready to jump over as well, but Tokk’it hollered that he was rammed the other ship, so she quickly grabbed the nearby ballista to keep from getting thrown off the ship like a nearby warrior. The tactical move knocked over the Mindslicer, but Captain Iquel kept her feet and kept up the attack, leaping in and using her psychic skills to increase her attacks. Tokk’it tried ramming the ships again to knock her off balance, but to no avail and she fought on to protect her ship. After the Mindslicer fell, the good captain, wasn’t far behind, but when she died with a smile on her face, the group got worried. Tokk’it confirmed their fears by shouting that something was wrong with the Sacrifice and Vylify sensed a build up of power in the engines. They got everyone back onto the Conqueror and turned the ship away just as the ship blew up, slightly burning the red dragon coming in for the kill. Debris from the explosion rained down on the ’Yanki army down below.

Tokk’it ramming the ships together and almost losing Damaia over the side

The group had hoped that the exploding ship would do more damage to the dragon and his rider, but the red dragon’s natural resistance to fire protected it. Tokk’it set the autopilot to steer the ship towards the towers above the fortress and then joined the group up on deck to help them fight off the Giant Red Dragon. The group’s attacks were beginning to bite into the dragon’s defenses, but then Tokk’it hit it with a concussion orb, which knocked it out of the sky. It’s rider was thrown off, onto the ship, but the huge dragon crashed down on the unsuspecting Eladrin below it. As the dragon flailed to right itself, the cleric poured his prayers into healing Vylify and kept him alive. The Artificer fey stepped from beneath the crushing beast to a safe distance away, allowing himself to heal and stand up. The group now split their attacks between the dragon and the rider, dealing serious damage to both, but getting a little charred by dragon fire.

Vylify unexpectedly had a red dragon dropped on him, squishing him!

Suddenly, the dragon leaped into the air, and then everyone aboard the airship was thrown forward into the forecastle as the airship ran into one of the towers above the fortress. Tokk’it had set the ship on autopilot, but then had gotten caught up in the battle and forgot to steer the ship away from them. The damage to the underside of the ship was extensive and to everyone’s horror, the ship started to list backwards as it began to lose altitude. Vylify, Rinya, and Damaia jumped off the front of the ship onto the ledge where the towers were located. The dragon rider whistled and his mount whirled around in the air, coming up on the port side of the ship so his rider could rejoin him. Searynox grabbed the rider instead and threw him to the deck as Tokk’it ran and sprang onto the back of the dragon. He was soon joined by the Dragonborn and before he could strike down the dragon, the Cleric suddenly started speaking in a strange language. In Draconic, Searynox gave the Dragon an ultimatum to leave the battle with it’s freedom, or to die right there. With but a moment’s thought, the great Red swore an oath that he would leave the battle. Searynox then explained to Tokk’it what had just transpired. The monk seemed to hesitate, ready for the kill, but then he did the right thing and jumped off the dragon with his companion. True to his word, the Dragon flew off, while the airship began to plummet faster out of the sky.

On the ledge, the rest of the group was engaging the Githyanki troops that were stationed there, except for Damaia. She had landed near the great chain which was holding back the boulders and she could see that the impact from the airship had weakened the chain. To help it further along, she threw a bottle of acid at it, splashing the chain and the mount in the tower wall. She taunted some troops to run in front of the impending avalanche as she ducked back to safety around the side of the tower. A moment later, the cascade of boulders broke free and bounded down and over the ledge, sweeping some of the enemies with it. From below, the group could hear the Conqueror as it crashed into the ground, exploding and spraying shrapnel, while the boulder avalanche crashed into another part of the army, crushing Githyanki beneath tons of stone. As the cacophony of screams, explosions, and the rumble of stone rose to the ledge, Damaia said a small prayer to Dispater that this chaos was all for him. Then with a smile, she and the rest of her crew finished off the remaining Githyanki troops.

Damaia destroying the chain for the sake of Chaos (All in the name of Dispater)!!

Looking down over the ledge, they could see that most of the Githyanki army had been crushed or killed and the few remaining survivors were running for their lives. While Tokk’it headed into the tower to tap a secret knock to be let into the fortress through a back door, Damaia turned to find one of Dispater’s devils standing there with a present in his arms, as thanks from their master. Then he disappeared in a puff of brimstone smoke.



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