Vylify Morin

Eladrin Artificer


Vylify was born in the Feywild, near the Frostwhite Forest, known for it’s cold winters and also for the white bark of their trees. His uncle Koliada Taralom is the Lord of a large area of the Feywild, so his mother Anriel Taralom (Morin) was a noble as well of the Fall Court. His father Elladan Morin was a General in the Baron’s armed forces and thus held a high enough ranking position to be allowed to marry his mother. He grew up in a happy home and never needed for anything. When he was young, he used to play a lot with his cousin, the princess Inzira Taralom.

As he grew, it was assumed that he would follow in his father’s footsteps, but after a few years serving in the army, Vylify felt that that vocation was not for him. His father was disappointed, but his mother wasn’t heart broken. He enjoyed his freedom and loved crafting things with his hands, but had no one to teach him. It was only a few years later that his father was killed during an incursion with Sangwyr upstart forces. With the loss of his father, his mother slowly began to waste away, giving up all hope of living.

Vylify saw how other Eladrin acted in his uncle’s court, so he adopted a superior air, and it had the pleasant side affect that it kept others at a distance. He didn’t find a niche in his homeland. He always felt like an outsider except with his mother and father, but they were just parents and had to love him. With so many cousins, but no immediate siblings he was lost in the crowd, expected to sit up straight and be noble, but so far down the royal line that he was wasn’t even worth notice. Others saw his discomfort and assumed that it was childish rebellion that would settle as he matured, but they also didn’t want to deal with it so he got shuttled from teacher to teacher and place to place. Who would want to speak badly of a nephew of the Baron. In order to get away from the social discomforts Vylify would sneak away to the library or any place with books, because he loved learning. As a guardsman the common soldiers didn’t want to associate with a noble, no matter how insignificant. The officers didn’t want to risk their careers with possibly mishandling a minor noble, so they rotated him out of their units ASAP. It was pure luck that the Baron had his favorite sister with him discussing a nephew’s empty future when a dwarven artificer travelled through the area, named Algir Stromstone.

His uncle didn’t want his nephew to have “idle hands” so when he caught Vylify intrigued by this Dwarf, his uncle and the Dwarf struck an agreement to let Vylify apprentice with him. The next day, Vylify packed only what he could carry and then struck out with Algir to travel for the next 10 years. Their travels took them all over the Feywild and even some brief forays to the world of Eberron, through “Fey Spires,” which briefly connected with the world before returning to the Feywild. Lastly, their travels took them to Faerun. Vylify apprenticed with him for about 10 years before his master sent him off to make his own way in the world.

Why did Vylify leave the Feywild?
Vylify left was due to the scheming cliques and political intrigues. Even though the Fall Court might be balanced overall, the cloak and dagger elements are still there. Vylify likes solid foundations and rules. What is more solid than serving a Dwarven master? Having to constantly test alliances/loyalties grates on his nerves. He likes to judge and be judged by actions, not potential fallout of choices. His fellow adventurers fight by his side because we all rely on each other, not so we can spy on each other or influence future plans for our house or clan’s benefit. Since he is so far down the noble chain why waste the energy? In the Fey Courts an individual has to stand out in public opinion regardless of actual skill or talents. Image is everything, which can be an exhausting and all-consuming pursuit. There are so many other interesting things in the multiverse to see and do. I craft therefore I exist. Tangible results for my hard work, right in my hands. Vylify can point to any item he has crafted and be proud. He doesn’t see anything solid or tangible in Court life. Any one mistake could bring the whole house of cards tumbling down.

Musings of Vylify


Vylify Morin

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