Githyanki Lord in Sayre


Telicanthus is a charming, aristocratic Githyanki merchant, making himself well known and the center of Sayre’s social scene. He arrived with vast amounts of money, an exotic noble who sought refuge from the evil of his own race. Many find him cultured, mysterious, and important. He gives beautiful gifts and throws grand parties with exclusive guest lists, spending his money freely on those who befriend him. Within six months he was the most well known of Sayre’s social elite, close friends with the governor, and a prized member of the city’s most prominent citizens. Since then, he has donated to the city, and earned respect from most citizens.

He is a glassmaker who makes and sells stained glass for all sorts of uses all over the city, and even as far away as the Rethild Vale, using techniques mastered by githyanki artisans.



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