Searynox Winterborn


In the beginning the gods created the world, the land, the sea, and all living creatures. The pinnacle of their creations were the dragons. Lords over earth and sky all the lesser races were kept in their shadow. As the ages slowly passed the lesser races grew more and more jealous of the dragons power, and more and more fearful of their might. Adventurers and armies rose up slaying the noble dragon for the glory and praise of their lesser kingdoms. Magic only increased the lesser races thirst for dragons as they butchered the great ones to imbue their blood stained hands with greater magical power. This persecution only made the dragons that survived stronger, wiser, and more powerful. It was not until the discovery of necromancy that the dragons felt that they were truly threatened. For when a dragon dies its body retains much of the power that it had in life. Should the remains be reanimated by the lesser races fowl magic the threat to dragons and the world would be immense. Thus in the northern most reaches, at the roof of the world the dragons gathered for the first, and last time. There they held council as to what should be done, and it was there our people were born.

It was decided that when a dragon’s time came to die that it would travel here to the roof of the world. Here its body could sleep softly covered in snow and ice protected from the world outside. To ensure that none of the lesser races unwittingly found their graveyard; the dragons through great magic and the snow on those peaks gave birth to the first dragonborn and our people. After the forms of dragons were we created. White scales allowed us to blend with the snow. Eyes the color of light reflected through deep ice. So from snow and ice we began, to snow and ice we return. We are the very image of power and strength. The dragons gave us devout and resolute minds so we would never forget our charge, and a sense of duty deeper than the roots of the mountains. Finally they gave us the gift of long life. Wisely, so we could see the importance of our creation and not become enslaved to the fleeting moment as are the lesser races. The most ancient of our people can live to see the passing of a millennium.

High in the roof of the world our people quietly prospered. We built cities high in the mountains and guarded our charge with care. Hot springs allow our people to breed yak and grow various plants in some of the high valleys that are cut off from the rest of the world. Death being our charge, naturally we embraced the Raven Queen when we sensed her presence and blended her worship into our shamanistic ways. Kelemvor later superseded the Raven Queen but she is still a major goddess to our people.

Our people, though not known to the world, have become legend to those lesser races of the north. To them we are thought of as spirits of those who die in the frozen north. Haunting the peaks and killing all who set foot to high up. Others claim we are demons made of ice that devour you, body and soul should you happen to met us. But for us these legends work to keep our charges safe from the folly of the lesser races. However not to many moons ago our priest felt a threat loom in the distance. Chanting stopped and the tap from the creation of mandalas ceased. The threat continued to press on the minds of our elders for several days. The greatest danger was that no face or name could be given to the growing threat. Finally the elders felt it was time to send a few warriors from our home. Each would go alone and in different directions. This was done to avoid notice. The charge of these warriors was to find the threat and return to warn our people or destroy it if possible. I am Searynox Winterborn and I am one of those warriors.


Searynox Winterborn

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