FR Scales of War

Fortress Graystone 2

Date: 6/7-8/1479 DR


Resplendent Gloves Damaia Training Chamber Found on the Ruin-Touched Blood Walker
Elderwood Falcon ? Training Chamber In Gilgathorn’s possession
Ironwood Hound ? Training Chamber In Gilgathorn’s possession

Food = Gees, Drinks = Kevin

Through the newly released prisoners, the Outsiders discovered that horrible experiments were being performed on captives from the Rethild Vale. The group explored deeper, entering a room the Githzerai had used for training. After dispatching the demonic gnolls, the group was then attacked by Gilgathorn, also after the bounty on their heads. It was a tough battle, but they were finally able to knock the merc unconscious. They returned to the cell block to rest for the night.

In the Cell block in Fortress Graystone, the Outsiders had just killed the guards and had begun looking in the cells. In the western cell they found a rotund, balding man, who looked like he’d been beaten quite a bit. When asked, it was discovered that he was Falrinth, a sage from the town of Talar. In the middle cell, they found Farmer Collob. In the last cell they found Magister Tulm. There was some discussion as to whether they should be left in their cells since they’d be safer while the rest of the fortress was explored, or set free? Instead, Galidion felt that maybe they could get information from them and then send them outside the fortress to serve as a “rear guard.” Upon questioning, they found that Sage Falrinth had been out collecting herbs about 2-3 weeks ago when he’d been ambushed. Farmer Collob had been kidnapped while working on his farm about a week ago. Lastly, Magister Tulm had been headed to Talar to persuade Falrinth to come back to Brindol with him. He’d been trying, unsuccessfully, to convince the sage to see about healing an illness that was sweeping through the town, and had thought his missives had been ignored. The Magister had only been a captive for a day or so.

While they were talking, Elarinya noticed that Sage Falrinth kept glancing down at the dead gnoll bodies around them. She motioned to Vylify who called the man out on it. He admitted that his line of work often had him working with dead bodies and the chance to study the anatomy of a gnoll intrigued him. Damaia’s cynical nature caused her to question aloud why the gnolls would have kept Falrinth alive so long, since they seemed to be taking away the other prisoners to experiment on them. The sage made an offhand remark that they were using his knowledge to push their experiments farther, before killing the victims. With that sobering thought, Timur questioned whether setting the prisoner’s free or not was a good idea? Galidion played to Magister Tulm’s pride and put him in charge of the group, arming Farmer Collob since he was the only one comfortable with a weapon, and sent them out to hide by the teleportation circle. Searynox wanted to burn the bodies, but the whole group agreed that doing it within the confines of the fortress was NOT the best idea.

The group continued their exploration, going up the stairs and taking the Eastern door into the Training Chamber (6). A strange 10 foot tall structure rose in the middle of the room, within which crashed a waterfall falling from a portal in the ceiling leading from the Elemental Plane of water. This water was then released on either side of the structure, flowing through troughs in the floor and then out through two drainage grates, which must drain off the side of the Earthmote. The flow of water changed randomly as the ducts releasing it changed at different intervals. Practicing their fighting in this room were two Ruin-touched Bloodwalkers and their huge hyena mounts. Since they were already practicing, they weren’t caught off guard by the intruders and whirled around to attack, easily skipping through the water traps. As the group moved into the room to engage the enemies, a Ruin-touched Beastcaller and his hyena mount came around from behind the fountain, summoning a passel of crows to attack the Outsiders. At first, having the floor move under their feet threw off their fighting styles, but once they got the hang of the random movements, they began using it to their advantage, moving all around the room to fight the gnolls. Once they’d bloodied the Bloodwalkers, they found that the gnolls could use that to move even more around the battlefield. It was a long a drawn out battle, but soon the demon-touched gnolls and their hyenas were destroyed.

Before the group could catch their breath, they heard mocking clapping echoing through the chamber, over the noise of the waterfall. Around the fountain stepped Gilgathorn with two yellow-furred hounds by his side and two falcons resting, one on each shoulder. The mercenary asked them how they’d liked his traps? The Outsiders gripped their weapons a little tighter, fully expecting what was to follow. Thorn regretted that he’d have to kill all of them, but the bounty that Sarshan had placed on their heads was just too tempting! He commanded his Figurines of Wonderous Power to attack and then put himself in a defensible position. As the group worked their way across the room to attack, he used a technique that he’d seen Szagyn use, throwing out a Bolt Storm to attack the group. With his animated companions, he gave the group a serious fight, even knocking the Ranger unconscious.

Damaia finds that she can’t hit worth spit!
Galidion had saved his new Lightning attack for just the right moment… and then it fizzled out, only becoming a rain cloud. Rinya laughed at him and was then struck down.

The Warlock, who had been struggling to effectively hit anything, went into a killing frenzy, when she saw her companion fall, greatly damaging everything and helping to kill the hounds and falcons. The group then ganged up on the merc, surrounding him even though he was using Desperate Bolt Storms to damage them. Just as more of the group was about to be knocked unconscious, the Elf took a fatal hit that almost killed him. The bodies of his summoned creatures crumbled to dust and returned inside their figurines as their master crumpled to the floor. After being almost killed herself, Rinya wanted the group to let ’Thorn die, but the Cleric argued that he should be kept alive to be tried for his crimes and therefore stabilized the mercenary while Timur tied him up.

The group was in bad shape after the days battles, so they sent for the prisoners that they had set free and then barricaded themselves into the Cells to try and rest and recuperate. After only about 4 hours of sleep, they could hear gnoll guards searching the fortress for their missing comrades. They knew they wouldn’t be able to stay hidden much longer.



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