This is where our group tackles Dungeon Magazines first 4e Adventure Path.

  • For the first story arc, our group consisted of 4 people
  • By the first side adventure, we added a 5th person
  • The 2nd story arc continued with 5 people, but the 5th member (Aerchon) can only join us from time to time, as his military service will allow (Thanks for your service buddy!!).
  • In the 5th story arc, we added another player to fill the role of our missing defender.

This is where I’ll try to keep track of important facts for the group since we really don’t have a lore keeper.

Scales of War Heroic Tier (Episodes #1-6)

The group was just a bunch of independant travellers who happened to be in the right place at the wrong time. Fate drew them together and handed them an adventure that actually had ties into all of their pasts, unbeknownst to them.

At first it just seemed like the small town of Brindol just needed help, but a great plan was in action and a strong player was in the background affecting the whole Rethild Vale. Their travels take them to Overlook where they save the city from an Orcish horde, but even then, forces behind the scenes are pulling the strings. As they continue to travel between Brindol and Overlook, more of this plot will be revealed.
1) Rescue at Rivenroar
2) Siege at Bordrin’s Watch
3) Shadowrift of Umbraforge
4) Lost Mines of Karak
5) Den of the Destroyer
6) Temple Between

Scales of War Paragon Tier (Episodes #7–12)

The scope has changed. By the end of the heroic tier, the heroes finally learn that the war in the Rethild Vale is on a much larger scale than they imagined as their base of operations moves to the city of Sayre. Not only their small slice of the world is in danger, and the forces of good need powerful champions. The characters venture across the planes as a small, elite strike team, pursuing missions few champions of their world would dare to undertake. There, they must make new alliances to further their war effort, while sundering those of their enemies. Finally, they uncover the magnitude of the true threat facing their home.

Scales of War Epic Tier (Episodes #13–19)

The stakes increase. As the heroes cross into the epic tier, they learn that their world is truly under siege from all sides. Pursuing numerous threats only they can deal with, they single-handedly have the potential to turn the tide of war in one direction or the other. As the balance teeters on a razor’s edge, disaster strikes the characters’ allies, and they must act swiftly before their world—and possibly more—is lost to an age of darkness unlike any other.

~Comic artwork is done by Nyx Silvervine

FR Scales of War

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