Galidion's Revelation 1

This revelation occurrs within Fortress Graystone as the ritual is cast on the Platinum sword in front of the Elemental Rift.

As the ritual is completed, the platinum sword is infused with light from without and from within. The particles of the sword begin to melt and breakdown to their key elements. From within the light a brilliant shape begins to take the form of all angels; wings flare to the sides stretching, a visage without detail, save only glowing eyes squeezed shut in pain, and lower torso fading into radiant energies. Within a split second, the angel is fully formed in all of its heavenly glory, glowing with a platinum-white light from within.

The molecules of the sword begin to reform in shape, coalescing into a corporeal form for the angelic spirit, each particle suffusing itself with the radiant light of the angel. In the blink of an eye, a fully formed being floats before you on the energies spilling from the rift. Then, just as suddenly as it began, the light retreats back inside the body of the Deva, as the rift to the Elemental Chaos is sealed. In contrast to the dazzling brilliance, the light from the braziers seems dim and dull by comparison.

That brief vision of the angelic being taking physical shape was enough to trigger memories for you of the angel which had slaughtered your Umbriri. It had come out of nowhere, muttering incomprehensibly and killing everything in its path to you. The senselessness of it all still leaves you reeling. And that being had something to do with your plague and the 5 balls of light floating under your skin.

Amyria wasn’t the same color as that angel, but maybe her connection to the divine could help you discover who did this to you… and why….

Galidion's Revelation 1

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