Council of Elders

The Council of Elders is the ruling body in Overlook. The five elders convene in the High Hall of Caer Overlook. Each of the three male dwarves have longbeards that hang to their feet, and two are old, being gray and wrinkled. The third is younger, with black hair and hard features. The two female elders are both attractive, one with red hair and the other with brown. All five wear the robes of their office—luxuriant purple and silver damask.

Cadrick Gemviper – Youngest male elder, the current spokesman with black hair and hard features.

Itrika Mountainhome – Red-haired female councilmember

Olman Sledgemore – Older male with thick bushy eyebrows a beard down to his knees.

Great Elder Morgoff Stonefist – Eldest male member; bald but with a long gray beard that reaches to his feet. He’s looking to retire and is training up Cadrick.

Dunia Ironheart – Brown-haired female (made-up name for missing council member).


Council of Elders

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