FR Scales of War

After the Siege

4/23 – 5/1/1479 DR


Bag of Holding Vylify Street Skirmish Found on body of Lost Ones wizard

After helping to save Overlook and the Rethild Vale from the Orc invasion, the Outsiders hold a Brass Key, which seemed to have little importance. While the group was resting, they found a group of thieves following them. When they saw some of them demanding “Protection” money, they took their chances to find out more.

Siege of Bordrin's Watch

4/11-23/1479 DR


Symbol of Mortality Searinox Into the Depths On Orog
Counterstrike Gloves Galidion Chamber of Works Found in pile of booty
Elven Cloak Rinya Chamber of Works Found in pile of booty
Brass Key Damaia Boiler Room Found on Iranda
Arcanists Glasses Damaia Shrine to Moradin Found on dead bodies of Farstriders
Vylify Stonemeld Armor Shrine to Moradin Found on dead bodies of Farstriders

After succesfully protecting Grener’s Pride, the Outsiders returned to Brindol. There they learned that Overlook was hiring warriors to help defend the fortress at Bordrin’s Watch, at the edge of the Wastes of Halruaa. The group joins other warriors pouring into Overlook. They are chosen by the Dwarven Council to investigate the integrity of Monastery of Sundered Chain and find it overrun with Spellplagued Orcs. The dwarves there are already dead, but they’re able to save Kalad. Instead of returning to Overlook, they follow Kalad down into the Nexus where they confront the main horde of the Orc army sneaking beneath the mountain.

Runekeep - Haunted Adventure

3/5 – 4/10/1479 DR

(This is based on an adventure written by Kandrel, found here Runekeep – A Haunted Adventure)

After saving the town of Brindol, the group is looking for work and they are hired to protect cargo. There, they meet another sword-for-hire named Galidion, a Netherese.

While at sea, the ship is caught up in a storm which almost capsizes it. They captain is able to get the ship to limp into the harbor of a small island. The Outsiders and the crew head onto the island to find materials so that they can repair the ship. Instead, they get trapped in a cursed Dwarven Keep and have to unravel the mystery so that they can escape.

Rescue At Rivenroar

2/15-22/1479 DR


Duelist’s Weapon Lyris Spiderweb landing Found interred with one of the bodies
Symbol of Life Searinox Fresco Chamber Found on one of the gnomes
Sylvan Armor Lyris Von Jallach Crypt Found in the nest of the needlefang drakes
Rod of Reaving Damaia Sinruth’s Abode Hidden inside the sarcophagus
Gauntlets of Ogre Power Vylify Lords of Rivenroar Audience Chamber Piled behind the throne

The characters meet by fate in the town of Brindol as they save it from a Hobgoblin attack. They are then hired to rescue the kidnapped townsfolk and the stolen artifacts which were taken during the attack. They hunt the Resurrected Red Hand to Castle Rivenroar where they are able to save all but one of the kidnapees and also able to defeat the monsters.


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