Dwarven Paladin, lone survivor of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain


Kalad is tall for a dwarf, thickly muscled, but his beard was savagely cut from his face and his injuries are extensive. His armor and weapon are still inside the Chamber of Works, and he dons them when he can. Even when fully recovered, he has a haunted look about him, for he’s plagued with the horrors of the attack and he won’t know peace until the orcs
are stopped.

Deeply pious, as one would expect of a holy warrior, Kalad spends a portion of each day in deep prayer, calling out to his god for guidance, comfort, and a renewal of his resolve to continue his fight against the darkness. Outside these private times, Kalad is friendly, if gruff, constant in his support, but always detached.
He doesn’t have much use for humor and ignores the banter of those around him. He has a mission and he intends to see it to its end. He might be reserved in his relations, but the PCs couldn’t ask for a more committed ally. Kalad sees the PCs as divine agents—heroes sent by the gods to save him and reveal to him his life’s purpose. Thus, he watches the characters for further revelations that might shed light on what lies in store for him next.

Instead of returning to the monastery, he is promoted to Lieutenant of the Overlook Watch.

This heavily muscled dwarven paladin no longer looks quite as haunted as he did in the tunnels of Bordrin’s Watch. He is gruff but friendly, and a staunch ally of the PCs. Kalad also has spoken to Amyria several times, and he backs her unflinchingly. Unfortunately, his seemingly blind willingness to support the deva makes him look intractable and foolish to the more politically savvy members of the Coalition, and his staunch support has almost proved a liability from time to time.



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