Inzira Taralom

Lord of the Frostwhite Forest, Cousin of Vylify


Daughter of Izotz Taralom and cousin of Vylify Morin. Her father was King of the Frostwhite Forest Eladrin, and when he died, she succeeded her father, becoming a Queen. With long white hair and piercing, icy blue eyes, her demeanor appears cold and unfeeling.

Sangwyr was responsible for her father’s death, as well as Vylify’s father, so she holds a particular hatred for him. Even though King Cachlain is an enemy of the Eladrin, she would rather keep him on the throne than let the blood-thirsty Sangwyr take his place.

The Taralom family hired Elarinya to hunt down the Elemental Water Bowl for their high priest of Silvanus. By returning it to the family, the Taralom’s and Elarinya both gained great favor in the eyes of their god.


Inzira Taralom

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