Female Elf Ranger


Name: Elarinya

Gender: Female

Age: 75 (mid-twenties by human years)

Hair color: Dark gold with dark brown streaks

Eye color: Leaf green with a gold rim

Height: 5’7”

Build: Slim and dextrous

Race: Elf

Class: Ranger


Elarinya is the oldest of 4 children born to Aelar, a ranger, and Ninde, a high-ranking wizard. Twin brothers, Erdan and Devir, are a warlock (Star pact) and wizard respectively and Lyris, the youngest, is an incorrigible rogue.

The firstborn child of skilled hunter and scout, Aelar, and powerful mystical wizardess, Ninde, both respected Elders of the Elven Council of LaerLorian in the High Forest of the Luruar region, Elarinya has a lot of responsibilities on her slim shoulders. Her mother was disappointed that her first child showed no magical aptitude whatsoever and withdrew back to her mystical studies, happily ceding the child-rearing duties to her husband. Rinya’s father was more than happy to have his daughter’s company and to be able to instruct her in the ways of nature. He taught her the habits of all the woodland creatures, how to read portents from how the wind blew and the scents of taste of wind and water. It was important to him to pass on his knowledge of the land around them, how to respect it, care for it and survive within it. She became her father’s faithful shadow, patiently yet eagerly travelling all along the Luruar region, learning to track by sight, sound, taste and touch. Many of her fellow elves think her either a prodigy or a product of her father’s intense and thorough training.

When she was 25, twin boys were born to Aelar and Ninde and much to Ninde’s delight, both had immense magic potential and she lavished her attention and love on them both. Slightly hurt at her mother’s obvious continued disregard, she threw herself into her ranger training, roaming further and further across Faerun for months at a time. When she came back for an extended stay at age 35, it was for the birth of her youngest sibling, Lyris,a mischievous slip of an imp. Neither magically gifted nor interested in nature, Lyris kept everyone on their toes, popping up unexpectedly and usually with something forbidden or that had been thought securely locked away. Rinya spent time helping her to hone her perception and stealth skills by playing games of tag and hide & seek among the trees or in deep caves. The twins were also cared for by Rinya. While her mother showed marked favoritism, Rinya didn’t let it effect her feelings for her younger siblings. She showed them the natural magic inherent in everything around them, leading Erdan, the younger of the twins, to explore forming a pact with their Feywild ancestors and Devir to explore spells that mimicked the wonders of nature on a grander scale, like fireballs that exploded like a blooming rose, each petal a delayed explosion or lightning storms that arced in wings like a bird in flight. She stayed for 15 years before taking off again to further her training and expand her horizons, starting with the Feywild, home of her distant Eladrin cousins and far ancestors.

In the Feywild, Rinya studied and tracked the unknown wildlife, immersing herself in the new fauna and flora with abandon. She was delighted with the wild varieties and became quite expert because of her love for their unexpected facets. Such was her dedication that her expertise came to the attention of the Eladrin and soon several noble Houses of the different Fey Courts contracted her to undertake numerous tasks for them, ranging from tracking down criminals to hunting rare herbs and assisting in mapping new territories that would appear overnight. At first, the assignments happened because the Eladrin couldn’t be bothered to undertake the tasks themselves and thought nothing of fobbing it off on the elven explorer. But with each successful completion of these tasks, her reputation continued to increase until it became clear that anything given to Elarinya would be accomplished, regardless of the difficulty. It was through one such difficult mission that she made her first foray into the Shadowfell and its dark atmosphere. Though she spent 2 years there hunting for a murdering Fomorian, she found herself loath to return. Nature seemed corrupted and the dark vegetation and wildlife both depressed her and angered her. Her normal cool stoicism seemed ready to erupt into irritation and aggressiveness that disturbed her inner calm. She learned a lot about the shadowy realm but the dismal surroundings threatened to crush the life from her. She likened it to being a flower deprived of life-giving sunlight.

She returned to the Feywild again before once again setting out, this time for the Elemental Chaos, in search of an artifact for a member of the Winter Court royalty, a bowl created from Elemental Water. She traveled extensively through the plane, marveling at the wonders. It was here that her dexterity was honed, for every step she took could be somewhere different. One moment she could be running from steam mephits in the Plane of Fire, the next step taken being a patch of ground that suddenly shoots up into the sky as an earth mote or being buffeted by winds that could shear mountain faces into sheets. She kept an extensive journal on all that she saw there and picked up several items of immense magical power that she thought might be of interest to her mother and twin siblings. She would have happily stayed longer but her objective had been found and she returned to the Feywild, returning the bowl of Elemental Water to Inzira, Queen of the Winter Court. Unknown to her at the time of the contract, Inzira’s family was highly favored by Silvanus, including a high priest among their ranks. The gratitude and effusive praise of her family actually brought the attention of Silvanus upon Rinya. As a follower of the Forest God herself, she was honored and awed by his attention. Silvanus charged her with delivering the bowl she had rescued from the Elemental Chaos to his home, the Deep Wilds in the Astral Sea, because followers of Talos, an aspect of Gruumsh, were actively trying to track her from Nishrek in the Abyss in the Elemental Chaos and retake the artifact.

Once again, Rinya found herself traveling to new, wondrous planes. If the Elemental Chaos had been amazing, the Astral Sea was mindblowing!


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