Ruler of the 2nd Circle of the Nine Layers of Hell


A MASTER OF STRATEGY AND INTRIGUE, Dispater is the lord of Dis, the second hell. He is known as the Iron Duke and as the Father of Strife, and he governs with an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove.

Clever and cautious, Dispater is rarely caught off guard. He is usually urbane and calm, speaking with courtesy and reason. However, when his enemies defy him, his eyes flash red with fury, and his words scour foes with unholy power.

Dispater stands at seven feet tall, is evilly handsome and looks human except for his small horns, tail, and cloven left hoof. He has a rod which acts as both a rod of rulership and a staff of striking that deals double normal damage.

Dispater is incredibly cautious to the point of paranoia. He always has at least nine different back up plans for any situation. He is also always polite and calm even in very troubling and stressful situations. Dispater’s iron tower is itself a powerful magic item which makes Dispater almost impossible to kill as long as he remains inside it. Dispater never leaves his tower unless forced, most notably for the yearly council with Asmodeus which all the Archdevils are required to attend.

Dispater Lore: A character knows the following information with asuccessful Religion check.

DC 20: Dispater is the lord of Dis, the second hell. Dispater’s palace is the infamous Iron Tower, a mighty fortification in the center of the city of Dis. Dispater is renowned for his powers of persuasion.

DC 25: Dispater is cautious, and he often creates aspects of himself. These avatars deal with matters outside of Dis.

DC 28: Dispater does not encourage cults. Instead, he seduces influential mortals with the
promise of power. Dispater’s agents are often viziers, councilors, or ministers who secretly govern from behind the scenes.

DC 33: A master of Hell’s politics, Dispater is closely allied with Mephistopheles, lord of the eighth hell. Both the archdevils share a hatred for Baalzebul, lord of the seventh hell.



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