Lost brother of Lyris and Elarinya which they are hunting


Devir and his twin, Erdan, brothers were both born mages, but whereas Devir followed the path of the Warlock, his twin followed the path of the Wizard (like their mother). It was never said, but Devir was always made to feel that he’d taken the “cheater’s path to magic.”

At one point the twins were busy hunting down magical items for their mother when they dug up the Helm of Madman’s Blood. The artifact spoke to Devir, sensing his troubled heart. Erdan could sense that things were wrong and tried to forcibly take it from his brother. A fight ensued and Devir accidentally killed his twin. Griefstricken, Devir took off, trying to run from his own guilt. The Artifact was able to get a stronger foothold into his pscyhe, driving him further insane.

Devir changed his identity, taking on the guise of Sarshan hooked up with an adventuring company known as the Black Arrow. Calling upon the Helm’s knowledge, Devir increased his fighting ability 100-fold. Their adventuring party fomented chaos and change everywhere they went. At their height, the Arrows put so much fear in generals and kings alike that Devir/Sarshan would take payment to fight for one group, then take a bigger payment from their foe to stand down.

With his growing power, Sarshan removed the other members of the Arrow from the game and began setting up his own operations in the Shadowfell. When he discovered the Shadow Rift he set up Umbraforge and began running his business as an arms dealer.



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