Dark One Creeper who worked for Sarshan


This Dark One Creeper was part of Sarshan’s operations in Umbraforge. When Sarshan saw too much risk in selling arms to Tusk’s Orc force, Modra decided to behind his master’s back. He made a deal with Tusk’s Shadar-kai witch, Myrissa and sold weapons to the Orcs, as well, Modra’s operatives told the orcs how they could break through the defenses at Bodrin’s Watch.

When the Orc hordes were defeated, Modra knew that his life would soon be forfeit. His operative, Iranda, had lost their key to the portal to Umbraforge so Modra hired the Lost Ones to retrieve it for him. When they failed, he knew that he’d need another way into the Shadowfell.

With the help of the PC’s, he found his way back into Umbraforge and there found allies still willing to help him damage Sarshan’s power base. He hoped that by doing so, he could prove to his master that he also had a power not to be underestimated… but he forgot about the PC’s.



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