Algir Stromstone

Master Dwarven Artificer - Apprenticed Vylify


Algir is a dwarven Artificer, whose travels took him to the Feywild. There, he was introduced to Vylify, whom he accepted as his apprentice. Together they travelled the Feywild, Eberron, and then back to Faerun for about 10 years. Then, the dwarf sent his Eladrin apprentice out to make his own way in the world.

Algir thought working in lab or shop was too stifling. The best teacher is experience out in the world. He got deep satisfaction working with his hands, turning rough ingredients in to smooth, polished, functional pieces of art. The angles and curves are each crafters signature. He didn’t have wanderlust, just liked to see the world. He would say, “now boy, magic isn’t musty books and vials stuffed in a closet. Magic is life, living. It grows, changes, adapts. It isn’t always nice or gentle, but it is beautiful in all its complexty.” He revered magic and life. Algir was never a saint but he did care for all life. Algir was a stern but patient teacher. He firmly believed in learning by doing.


Algir Stromstone

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