FR Scales of War

Vylify's Month Off

Date: 6/21-7/21/1479 DR

The Outsiders had a month off, and here’s what Vylify accomplished.

Vylify Morin appreciated that Kalaban and his people had cleaned up Fortress Graystone, but he didn’t yet have a place that could be used as an Artificer’s workshop. So he took the northern half of the Meditation room (#7) and set up work benches in there. He repaired the anvil construct that he had salvaged from the Mountainroot Temple and put it to work in helping him to build other things around the workshop. Over the month, he began to slowly appropriate more and more equipment that he moved to the workshop and then began to put to use.

With his partially completed workshop, he began creating constructs to better protect their fortress. He created flying eye constructs to keep surveillance all over the Earthmote. He also created magical constructs to work in tandem with the magical protections and wards that Damaia set up around the fortress to give it the best protection possible. The more he worked on creating constructs, the more he seemed to elevate the talent of artifice to a whole new level. With all of his efforts and training he found himself becoming a Clockwork Engineer.

Every morning he spent a little time working on his sword skills in the Training Room to keep his skills from getting rusty. He also spent time visiting the bookstores in town to work on filling their library with resources for himself and the group. While in a bookstore, he stumbled across a new best seller called “Make-Out Paradise” penned by GOSSAMER TIL’TORN. The more the Artificer stared at the name, he began to realize that it was an anagram… for his dwarven master, Algir Stromstone. He had known that his master was obsessed with the female form, and often wondered if that wasn’t why he’d sent Vylify off on his own… but this book seemed to confirm it. And yet, as he began reading it, he began to realize that there were deep life lessons hidden amidst the romantic scenes in the book. He bought a copy and took it home with him. The hidden teachings weren’t easy to find, but he knew that if he studied it enough…

Also while he was in town, he began to hear rumors, from other Eladrins, that the fabled Seed of Winter had been stolen from the Winter Court by a Fomorian. His cousin, Inzira Taralom, was Princess of the Winter Court and he wondered if she was okay.



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