FR Scales of War

Under the Happy Beggar

5/2/1479 DR


Orb of Sweet Sanctuary Damaia Transfer Portal Found on body of Shadar-kai Witch
Brass Key Damaia Transfer Portal Found on body of Shadar-kai Witch

The underground passage led them to an area of portals that were being used by Shadar-Kai and Dark Ones to transport goods secretly to warehouses in Overlook, unobserved by officials. In the back room, they also encountered Modra. He had stolen a Brass Key from a Shadar-Kai witch and used it to open a portal to the Shadowfell. The Outsiders followed him, afraid of what he might be unleashing.

As the group was picking itself up and dusting off, suddenly they were attacked by 4 large bats which had been hiding up amidst the stalactites. The 4 adventurers fought their elusive foes. As they neared the center of the room, they realized that the room dropped off in a 20 foot cliff. All along the edge and down the side of the cliff were growing Doom Spores. Elarinya knew that they’d only be trouble if anyone in their party was really hurting, but luckily they’d fared well against the bats. She and Damaia attached their climbing gear and the group made their way down the side of the cliff with no problem (Rinya was feeling so good that she did a backflip to the ground). Vylify then unhooked the gear and fey stepped to the bottom to join the group.

The passage ahead of them bent to the right and they could hear baying sounds from around the corner and down the stairs. The Eladrin sent his familiar, Obi, down the passage to scout ahead. The familiar found a Shadar-kai witch ordering two Dark One Creepers to position a cage to go through a magic portal. Inside the cage, surrounded by darkness, two hounds bayed and struggled to escape imprisonment. Everyone was busy with their own responsibilities and didn’t know that the PC’s lurked around the corner. Quietly Vylify filled the group in, and they snuck down the stairs and began attacking the Dark One in front of the cage, hoping to keep him from releasing the hounds on them. The first round of attacks took that enemy out. Searynox rushed between the cage and the portal, hoping to keep the others from releasing the hounds. He was surprised when a cloud of darkness settled around him. In this darkness, the other Creeper rushed him and pushed the Dragonborn through the gate into a warehouse stacked high with crates. While the Cleric was distracted, the Creeper opened the cage. Rinya jumped onto a barrel the witch had tried to hit her with while the hounds charged everyone else in the party. Damaia tried to intimidate the shadow hounds into attacking the Shadowfell creatures, but was attacked instead. The party made short work of the group, discovering another copy of the strange brass key which they already held. In the crates they found loads of non-margical weapons and armor, which closely ressembled the workmanship of the Orc Blades they’d seen during the invasion. The group decided to explore the next room.

As the opened the door, they discovered a Dark Creeper standing in front of a shadowy portal. His description matched those that they’d received of . As soon as he realized that he wasn’t alone, the Creeper dark stepped, disappearing from sight. He chanted an encantation and the darkness of the portal parted, allowing wraiths to attack the group. With his turn undead power, the Cleric critically wounded all of the specters (and thoroughly impressing Damaia with his acumen. Later on, they’d made some steam with their fire and ice natures). While they were busy fighting, Modra snuck up and stole one of the keys from Damaia’s pouch. Once the group had re-killed the undead they decided to take a break before following their quarry into the unknown.

The group decided to split up. Rinya and Damaia took the portal to the warehouse and then returned to the Happy Beggar to get Reniss to warn the Counsel about these weapons. The Ranger was happy to be doing anything other than working in the Beggar and quickly took off to pass along the message. While the women were gone, Vylify kept guard while Searinox cast a ritual to learn more about the cage and these weapons. Fromt he cage he caught glimpses of dark ones hunting down and capturing the hounds. The cage was then wheeled to a strange tent city, sprawling in the shadow of a huge tower and a mountain spewing strange purple-red magma. The cage was then wheeled through a shadowy portal and brought to this room. The swords were a similar story of being crafted at the hands of an ogre, then crated in the same tent city and shipped through a shadowy portal. As the women returned through the warehouse portal, Searynox described his visions to everyone, but Damaia, who was from the Shadowfell, couldn’t recall any such mountain.

So they wouldn’t waste anymore time, the group inserted the brass key into the portal and stepped through the shadowy curtain. There was slight disorientation and they they found themselves in a mirror image of the room they’d just left. Where the walls had been white, they now were black. Near the door was a table and some chairs. There were signs of a scuffle and then 3 sets of Creeper footprints ran out the door. The PC’s tentatively pushed open the door to discover the landscape that Searinox had described to them…



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