FR Scales of War

Trouble in Overlook

Date: 6/16-17/1479 DR



Food = David, Drinks = Kevin

The Outsiders returned to the House of Sleep where Galidion said very cryptic good-byes and then went up to his room. Over dinner the rest of the group made plans for the next day. On the morrow, they met with the Councilman and they were assigned a new party member, a Warden who had been seeking them. Warily, they allowed him to join and went in search of answers. They ended up in Blister casing a Bar where they had gotten leads. As they waited, Captain Aerun went in for a drink, spoke with a rather shady man, and then left to head deeper into Blister. A little while later, the shady man did the same, with the Outsiders tailing both. They found their quarries headed to a dark warehouse in a run down part of the city.

After leaving Captain Aerun at the Ministry of War in Overlook, the Outsiders returned to the House of Sleep to organize their thoughts and try to plan their next move. As the group sat down to dinner, Galidion bid the group farewell, but instead of his usual flippant manner, there was something very cryptic about the way that he said it. Nonetheless, they just chalked it up to him being dramatic and went back to their plans. First off, the group decided to hire Kalaban to have Fortress Graystone cleaned up and renovated. They agreed that the teleportation circle would be stored in Vylify’s room and protected by Kalaban while they were out. They all donated money and then sent the Eladrin up to gather money from Timur (who had gone off to pray), from Searynox (who was praying and performing a ritual), and the Swordmage. The dragonborn agreed to come down once his ritual was done, Tim paid Kalaban just to get him to leave him alone, and Galidion didn’t answer. The Eladrin Innkeeper used his master key to enter the dark room and found that Galidion and all of his things were gone. He immediately reported this to the rest of his group downstairs. Just about this time, the Cleric rejoined the group and they all wondered where Galidion had gone off to this time? Nonetheless, Searynox interupted to tell them that his ritual had revealed to him what he’d feared. During his interactions with Volorvyn and Aerun, he had noticed that both of them seemed distant and distracted and his ritual had revealed that they weren’t in control of their own bodies… plus, they’d just left their only evidence of Haelyn’s murder and of issues in the city with the Captain. The group agreed to get up early so they could visit the Council of Elders and then do further research into what was going at the temples. Before everyone left, Elarinya decided that she should share the latest letter from her family because there seemed to be information that they all should be privy to.

The next morning they met with Elder Morgoff Stonefist who looked like he hadn’t had his morning drink yet. The group explained that:

  • Durkik Forgeheart wasn’t acing like himself
  • The High Priest of Moradin was trying to keep people busy and away from the Stone Anvil, using the excuse of repairs at the other temple.
  • The High Priests in the temples of Avandra, Bahamut, and Kelemvor were acting distant and distracted, like they were not inside their own bodies
  • That Captain Aerun was also acting distant and was not in his own body as well
  • About the unknown General Zithiruun to whom Grovald was reporting
  • The sudden interest in projects around Overlook, keeping everyone busy
  • They had fought doppelgangers/shapeshifters at the Shrine of Gond

All of these things deeply disturbed the Elder and he admitted that he was going to need some “holy water” to get his day started. He promised the Outsiders to do his best to research these things and to keep close watch on those in question. He was even going to have Kalad keep an eye on Captain Aerun, and he had a feeling that their friend would soon be promoted. He also asked them if they’d told Lavinya about Haelyn yet, to which they sheepishly shook their heads…. Before they left, he let them know that he had someone that they needed to meet, someone who had travelled a long way looking for them, whose goals seemed to mirror their own. He led them to a guest room and introduced them to Correl, an eight foot tall Goliath Warden with dark stone-like skin. The group was wary and had many questions for this man. He explained that his father had been trapped by Tiamat and that he had spent his life fighting to release him. To this end, he had been guided to the group and told to work with them. After the issues that they’d had with previous companions, Searynox had a small questionaire for Correl:

When dealing with waifs on the street do you:
A) Bribe them
B) Pay them to put their lives in danger
C) Just throw them into danger
D) None of the Above

When someone makes you angry, your first reaction is:


Tim was so taken by how “huge” Correl was, that it was instant hero worship!

Reluctantly, they agreed that with Galidion missing, maybe they could use some more muscle, but they were wary of the giant man, everyone except for Timur, that is. From Caer Overlook they headed back to the Divine Knot to tell Lavinya about Haelyn. Besides sobbing, she seemed to take the news well. From there they went to confront Matron Volorvyn at Kelemvor’s Temple. As they entered and inquired, they were told that the Matron was busy. Searynox gently pushed his way past and entered the alter room, his companions in tow. Therein they found the woman meditating, but as the Kalashtar reached out with his mind to speak to her, he recoiled because there was a male mind in the females body, and that mind pulled away as he tried to probe, disappearing the to north-east. Searynox tried to wake the priestess, but there was no response. As they left, he asked the tmeple worker that he trusted to care for the Matron, but to also lock her in a secure room because she wasn’t herself and could hurt someone. He then asked the man to send a message to people that he trusted in the temples of Bahamut and Avondra because their High Priests were in the same precarious situation. The man was astounded by the request made of him, but said that he’d try his best. The Outsiders followed the lingering sense that the Paladin had gotten and headed into Blister.

Tim had thought that he was tall, but the Goliath towered over him. On the way into Blister, he imagined Correl lifting him up so that he could hit all of the signs along the way

They weren’t sure where to head, so Damaia decided to deal with her thirst and their need for information all together. She, Searynox, and Correl headed into the nearby Pig and Bucket tavern. Vylify decided to check around the building, where any Lost Ones that he encountered gave him wide berth. Rinya headed up to the roof tops, keeping watch from above. Unsure of what to do, Timur turned his clothes inside out, smeared dirt on his face, rumpled his hair and tried to look inconspicuous… which only made him stand out even more. Inside the beer hall, the owner, Kyle Rester, a red-bearded dwarf with a squinty eye and freckles trumped over to the trio sitting at the table sipping Viper’s Breath. Searynox was being too evasive and not making any sense, so Correl pulled out some gold chunks (having heard that it worked like this) and plunked some down on the table and told the Dragonborn to ask his questions straight this time. Searynox asked Kyle if there was anything strange going on in town? Damaia clarified asking if there was anything suspicious that would endanger the city? Kyle glanced around and then whispered that they should come back after dark and they might be surprised who some of his patrons were. With those cryptic words he gathered up the gold chunks and then stumped off to fill more drinks.

Back outside, the group gathered in a nearby alley and decided to come back that evening with disguises. Most of the group went to used clothing stores, but Vylify went to [[Merty’s | Merty’s]] for a magical disguise. Riley had a rare illusion rune that he sold him for a steal (thanks to all of his free work at the shop). Tim followed after Correl, who decided to try and toughen the youth up. He asked a scrappy looking guy to fight with the Kalashtar. The punk though he could take him until he found that his blows were having a hard time getting through his armor. He tried to pull a knife, but the Warden drew out his magical spear, and the ruffian quickly resheathed his blade. The fight continued with the scrapper dancing around Timur, but Tim was able to land the most blows and won.

After dark, the group met behind the Pig and Bucket and this time, the disguised Rinya, Tim, and Vy went into the beer hall while the Warden and Cleric hid in one alley and Damaia hid in the shadows of another alley so they could watch the building. Inside, the Paladin was trying too hard again to inconspicuous and put himself in a position where he couldn’t see anything but the back wall. Vylify, magically disguised as a Drow, asked Kyle questions about cheap lodging and where to find work around town to keep up his facade. After about an hour of nursing their drinks, they finally saw a familiar blonde bearded captain join another dark spiky-haired human with stubble on his face at a table in the back. He ordered a stout and they sat talking about work around town. Something about the clothes on the dark-haired man seemed out of place on this scruffy figure. After a few drinks and plenty of “innocuous” small-talk, Captain Aerun paid for his drinks and then got up to leave. As he left, Tim, Damaia, and Correl fell in behind him and trailed him at a distance, doing their best to keep from being spotted, as he headed deeper into Blister. As he was leaving, Vylify had Obi slip Tim the wonderous Hawk Figurine to help him trail their quary. About 10 minutes later the dark-haired man paid for his drinks and left the tavern as well. The other three soon followed him deeper into Blister as well, Rinya taking to the rooftops.

Captain Aerun led the first group into the industrial area of Blister where there were tons of warehouses rising on all sides. Carefully glancing around, he opened the door on one warehouse and slipped inside. While Correl walked the perimeter of the warehouse, Tim knelt in a dark alley to write a note to send with the Hawk back to the rest of their group, and Damaia leaned nonchalantly against a wall across the street, watching in both directions. Still, she was surprised when the Dark-haired man suddenly seemed to appear out of the darkness a short ways down the street. Having been seen she tried to play that she was a “lady of the night”. She found that he claimed to be the owner of the warehouse that Aerun had disappeared into but when he asked for prices she blatantly turned him down. This seemed to make him suspicious so he bid her farewell and continued on down the street. A few minutes later, the rest of the group came jogging up asking where the dark-haired man had gone. When the Tiefling indicated, the Ranger and the Artificer sprinted down the street. They couldn’t find the man, but in the back alley they found his abandoned clothes; the man was nowhere to be seen.

They regrouped and decided that this warehouse was their best lead. Having checked it out, Correl reported that the windows were over 20 feet up and the roof of the building over 30 feet tall. The front, sliding door seemed to be the only entrance, unless they were to check the roof.



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