FR Scales of War

The Mottled Tower

Date: 7/24/1479 DR


Storm Gauntlets Elarinya Under Mottled Tower Dropped by Shadar-Kai Witch

Food = Gees, Drinks = Kannarrs

Having saved most of the citizens of Talar, the Outsiders realize that there are two people stuck atop the Mottled Tower… and it’s sinking into the Blood Chaos. They find a way up and then inside to save Sage Falrinth, but that only leads them deeper into the mystery of who is attacking the village.

After saving the citizens of Talar from the flow of Blood Chaos, the Outsiders realized that the magma flow was coming from beneath the Mottled Tower, which was beginning to sink… and from beside the inn, they can see two people hurt and trapped at the top of the tower. The group sprang into action. Elarinya picked a safe path up the east side of the tower, pulling out some rope, which she handed to her sister, Lyris. Vylify pulled out his hand crossbow and does some tweaking so that it will fire the grappling hook that Lyris was tying to the elven rope. Expecting burns, Searynox readied some healing spells, while fire-resistant Damaia led the way, keeping an eye on where everyone was placing their feet. Once they were able to climb up onto a raised hill behind the Tower, they found that it had sunk low enough that the top was only about 10 feet above them. They could see that the two people up there were Megan Swiftblade, who had a broken leg, and the portly human male with a bleeding head wound, Serten, Sage Falrinth’s apprentice. The cleric cast healing upon them both to stop the bleeding and clear their heads. Damaia then demanded to know what was going on and why the town was being burned down. Megan scowled down, angry at being spoken to so brusquely, but she told them they honestly didn’t know where the Blood Chaos had come from. They had been in the Tower when the earthquakes had hit and it had started falling down around them. They had no idea where Master Falrinth was and had barely been able to escape with their lives. Serten then inserts that monsters that his master had been studying, while caged, had escaped during the quakes and were now rampaging in the tower. Knowing the sage, these details didn’t surprise the group. As they had been talking, the Tower had continued to sink, and the Tower crenelations could now be reached by jumping, so the group climbed up. Searynox set Megan’s leg and then fully healed them both. Megan begged the group to save Falrinth, so they headed down into the tower, counseling the duo to make their way to safety because they had much to discuss with Megan. She nodded and then helped Serten to climb over the edge of the Tower.

Before descending into the Tower, the group huddles to decide how to proceed… Vylify is just fine listening from afar, not touching anyone.

The small spiral staircase led them down into a fairly dark room. As they stepped down, they sensed that they were not alone. The room was made up of floor to ceiling bars, most of the cell doors standing open or broken off. As the first one enters the room, a Mezzodemon attacks, but everyone is ready for it. While the rest of the group is taking the creature down, Searynox sneaks over to the double doors behind them, and hearing things moving on the other side, seals the doors shut for the time being so they don’t have to fight on multiple fronts. Once the Mezzodemon has been neutralized, the group takes some time to explore and realizes that next to the double doors was a cabinet full of the creatures effects, which they now possess again. Carefully, the Vylify dismisses the cleric’s lock on the doors, and the group bursts into the next room, energy blazing. Another Mezzodemon is joined by Grilock ambushers, and a Foulspawn Seer, which attacks whenever the group is clumped up. Once the Outsiders have dealt with the rest of the rampaging monsters they realize that this must be the apprentices room, with books and a desk. As they look out the windows, they realize that the Mottled Tower is continuing to sink further into the magma, but powerful enchantments are keeping the inside of the Tower safe from it’s heat and are keeping it from oozing in.

While battling, Vylify reveals a new invention, Clockwork Soldiers, which both intrigues as well as frightens the rest of the Outsiders

Warily, the group takes the external staircase to the lower sections where they find Falrinth’s laboratory in disarray, his living space is in a shambles, and on the bottom-most floor, they find that all of his food stuff has fallen out of the pantry and cupboards. Amidst the devastation of the kitchen huddled Falrinth, badly bruised and beaten. Not far from where he lays a 10 foot hole has been blasted in the foundation of the Tower. Searynox blessed him with the healing power of Kelemvor and as soon as the sage can speak, he asked how Megan and Serten were? Once told that they were safe, he explainsed that he’d been in the kitchen getting a snack when a group of cloaked individuals attacked him, knocking him out. When he came to, there was a hole in the floor and he could feel an earthquake shaking the tower. He stood up, only to have the kitchen fall on him and knock him unconscious again. Vylify asked Falrinth what could be beneath his tower, but the sage had no idea. The group then explained about the Blood Chaos and the sinking tower. The older man stood up and rushed upstairs, claiming that he’d keep the tower from sinking further, leaving the Outsiders alone to wonder what is really going on.

Staring down into the hole, the group could seen a light orange-ish glow emanating from below. Lyris pitoned a rope to the side of the hole and carefully lowered herself down. There was a 20 foot drop to the bottom of the cavern, which was slowly filling with Blood Chaos. As she went lower, she realized that there were three floodgates releasing Blood Chaos into the village hidden here beneath the tower. Only two were open, but a stinky Troglodyte warrior was working to open the third, while nearby a voice chanted a magic ritual. The Rogue hurried back up to the join the others, explaining what she’d seen and impressing on them the need for speed. Rinya grabbed the rope, and swung down to the floor below, taking out a few of the Troglodytes in the process, Lyris was hot on her heels. Damaia cast a spell to make herself invisible, and then started down the rope. With her usual grace, she hadn’t made it far before she hit a snag and fell the rest of the way to the rocky floor below. The sound on an invisible person falling, freaked out nearby enemies, causing them to lower their guard.

But she kept the boots from getting damaged…!

Vylify was next down, and he Fey-stepped to the bottom, crossbow blazing. The Dragonborn was last, and he hit the same spot that Damaia had on the rope, and plummeted down as well, almost crushing the Warlock. Battle ensued and as soon as they could move, the group could see a Shadar-Kai witch trying to cast a Ritual from inside a drawn portal circle. The group split their attacks between the enemies around them, the witch to interrupt her casting, and the Troglodyte trying to open the last floodgate. The latter was the first to fall, keeping the underground group safe, but the Shadar-kai put up quite a fight, refusing to go down, and trying to maneuver herself so that she could escape some other way. It didn’t help that from time to time the quaking earth dropped stones down on the battle. Finally, the witch fell and the group was able to hurry and shut off the floodgates, cutting off the flow of Blood Chaos from another plane. Jotting down a copy of the sigil sequence of the teleportation circle, the group headed back upstairs to get some questions answered.



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