FR Scales of War

The Boogie Man - Halloween

Date: 7/26/1479 DR


Blade of Eldritch Knight Rinya Wash Room On Vampires
Resplendent Circlet Damaia Trap Room on Werewolf
Weapon of Cruel Persuasion Searynox Great Room On Cyclops
Deep Pocket Cloak Vylify Dimensional Room On Lock

A few days later, while sleeping safe and sound in their Fortress, a sound in the night wakes them to find that they’ve been compromised… They are sucked into a dream and have to fight the minions of Oogie Boogie and finally the boogie man himself.

After defeating Sarshan, the group took a few days off to take care of personal business. One night, as they were all back together in Fortress Graystone, they had locked up for the night and had gone to bed, all safe and sound. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, the women wake to hear a strange otherworldly giggle in their room. As they roll over, they find a Scary Teddy Bear floating in the air between their beds. Without a word, Elarinya palms the knife under her pillow and throws it at the levitating teddy, but the blade passes right through it. Battle instincts also kicking in, Damaia throws a curse at the Scary Teddy at the same time, but has the same result. As both females go to stand up out of their beds, they find that their sheets are wrapping ever tighter around them. As they are pulled back down into their beds, Rinya notices a creature under Damaia’s bed, with teeth ground sharp and eyes growing red. With growing dread, she calls out a warning to the Tiefling, who is struggling as well. Out of desperation, Damaia tries to ignite her infernal flames to burn free of the sheets, but nothing happens as they are both pulled down, down, down, into their mattresses, drowning in sheets.

In the men’s dorm room, the males are awakened by a strange quacking noise. They both roll over to see a strange wooden duck on rollers rolling through their room. Curiously, Vylify inspects it with arcane sight only to realize that it is not of an arcane nature. At the same time, Searynox is calling upon his religious powers to inspect it. He can only see traces of necromantic energy mixed with something that he can’t quite place. While they’re both studying this strange phenomenon, suddenly their sheets start wrapping tightly around them. The Eladrin tries to Fey Step out of them, but for some reason this innate ability wasn’t working for him. The Dragonborn tries to use his greater strength to tear free, but he’s having just about as much luck.

Rinya wakes to find herself in the dining room of her family’s estate, with darkness all around. As her eyes adjust to the light, she realizes that she’s not alone. She can see that her family is all seated at the far other side of the room. As she approaches, she finds it odd that her parents and her sister, Lyris, are sitting unnaturally, slightly hunched forward, with both arms resting on the table, their faces slack. The closer she tries to approach, the more the end of the table seems to stretch away from her. From the shadows at the farthest end of the room comes slightly hysterical laughter. As she listens, she recognizes the laughter of her brother, Devir. Before she can approach any further, Devir welcomes her and she notices that as he moves his hands, the hands of her family move in tandem, as if they’re connected to him by marionette strings. She calls to her loved ones, but gets no response from them. Devir indicates a seat next to Lyris and asks her to join them… permanently. Rinya just knows that none of this is real because she helped kill her brother and the other members of her family are too strong to be taken control of. She grabs her knife and stabs her opposite hand, hoping the pain will rip her out of this nightmare.

Damaia wakes to find herself in hell, looking upon the iron throne of Dispater, her patron. It has been a while since she’s seen him and she’s forgotten how evilly handsome he is, except for a slight purplish tint to his skin, small devil horns, and cloven left hoof.
“Welcome home Damaia,” he says gesturing with his staff to the fiery iron tower around him. “You thought you could escape your fate, but you are finally here, where you belong, my little Tiefling.” His eyes flare with fiery wrath, and flames leap up around her. Fear takes her, and Damaia worries that she will never return to the Realms. She asks the devil what she’s done to earn his wrath since she’s been serving him well, even stopping Yeenoghu from being summoned? She asked him how he expected her to continue to serve him while trapped here in his dimension? In face of this logic, Dispater couldn’t find a reason to keep her there.

Searynox wakes up in the snow of the great white north. Reveling in the bite of the cold around him that he hasn’t felt in ages, he climbs a nearby ridge, hoping to get his bearings. As he does, he can see down into the sprawling plain of the Dragon Graveyard. The howling wind whips past him in a flurry of snow, but as the flurries dance by, he notices with growing horror that the bones below aren’t immobile as they should be, somehow they have been animated and are slowly lumbering towards a raised outcropping beneath his ridge. As he steps closer to the edge to get a better look, the rocks under him give way, and in an avalanche of snow, he finds himself tumbling down the mountainside, head over tail.
After an interminable time of bumping and slamming into icy rocks as he rolls to the bottom, he slams into the side of the raised outcropping. As he glances up, his vision swirling, he sees a five-headed monstrosity rising above him! Tiamat! Picking himself up, he glances around in disbelief, that the Dragon Council would allow this wicked dragon goddess to desecrate the Dragon Graveyard, but none of the Council are present. He turns on the goddess and yells to get her attention. She is busy working some magic and doesn’t seem to be paying attention to him. The cleric does his best to get her attention, but instead all he gets is her giant foot descending to squash him.

Vylify wakes to find himself in the vibrant world of the Feywild. Looking around, he realizes that he recognizes the castle in which he finds himself, the castle of the Taralom Eladrin in the Frostwhite forest. This is the room which he was always given when he was visiting his uncle Koliada, and his cousin Inzira. He’s startled as an Elf glides into the room carrying red ceremonial marital robes. The Elf bows deeply to him, sure to keep the garments from touching the ground. “I have been sent to wash, perfume, and dress you, in preparation for your nuptials, Master Morin.” As the Elf rises, Vylify backhands him for speaking out of turn, but then indicates that he should proceed with his duties. The servant carefully lays the marital robes over the bed, and then approaches as if to help Vylify out of his current clothes. When Vy asks what’s going on?
“Since you’ve had your chance to sow your wild outs out in the Realms, it was finally decreed that it was time for you to return, to give up your foolish experiments, to marry Mistress Taralom, your cousin, and finally take your place as King of the Frostwhite Forest.” The artificer is confused, unable to recall a summons or even how he ended up here. He decides to play along and find out what is going on. He allows the servant to dress him and then follows him as he leads him towards the grand hall and the alter. The castle is tastefully decorated for the wedding, hung with golds and reds, and the Eladrin can smell delicious foods being prepared in the kitchens. When the halls to the grand hall are thrown open, he is overwhelmed with the sounds of visiting nobility talking and light music playing in the background. A red carpet has been laid to run down the middle of the room from the doors to the alter. As the guests see who is standing at the door, a respectful hush falls over the room. Standing next to the alter, is his beautiful cousin, wrapped in regal red robes which cause her white hair to shine all like snowfall all around her. Her vivid blue eyes pierce him and he can feel them sizing him up. With a deep breath, Vylify starts the long walk along the red carpet. As he passes the guests, he realizes that all of the Fey races are in attendance, even Fomorians, the Eladrin’s hated enemies. So this was to be an alliance for the people, not for happiness. Inwardly he sighed, he feared that this day might come, so he approached it with as much dignity as he could. As soon as he was near to his cousin, There came shouting from outside the room, throwing everything into chaos. Inzira grabs his arm and pulls him close with incredible strength. Her grasp is chilling, freezing his skin where she touches him. As the cold creeps into his bones, she leans in close and whispers, “remember that you are always mine and you will never be able to escape.” Then cold and darkness swallows him.

As the nightmares fade, the group sits up, still in their respective beds and notice the Scary Teddy and the Wooden Duck rolling out of the room towards the washing room. Damaia jumps up to chase them, but Rinya calls her back so that they can arm and armor themselves properly before running off helter skelter. The men briefly grab weapons, but dash out of their rooms in their small clothes. As they rush into the wash room, Damaia can’t help but snicker. At the entrance they find a little 7 year old girl wearing a purple witch’s costume and mask standing in their way. She cackles impishly, throws a spell at the group, which they dodge, and then she ducks into the Wash room, giggling the whole way. As the group chases her in, they are surprised by four vampires attacking from the shower stalls. The Outsiders now find themselves attacked from all sides. They band together and fight off the vampires and then turn on the little witch girl. Just when they think they’re about to defeat her, she giggles and disappears in a puff of purple smoke, not to be found no matter how much they search. The warlock mockingly suggests that the boys should arm up before they search out the rest of their fortress, which they do. No trail of their intruder can be found, so they decide to head upstairs to find out how she bypassed their security.

Black Light fight in the Wash Room

As they come up the stairs from the basement, at the top of the passageway there is a little 6 year old boy wearing a red devil costume and mask who giggles maniacally and then scampers further down the hallway, throwing down a smoke bomb behind him as he disappears around the corner. The Outsiders gives chase wondering what is up with these creepy costumed kids in their domain. Rounding the corner, they can see the little devil boycrouching on the other side of the receiving portal in the Mindtrap rooms fiddling with something. As they dash through the secret passageway, Lock steps into a portal and appears in the larger room. Behind him he had left a Hangman’s Tree and a Werewolf to block their way. The group split up with the women racing through a nearby portal while the men stayed to deal with the tree monster. Rinya was thrown off when they stepped out of a different portal than she expected in the large room. For some reason the Mindtrap was working erratically. She didn’t have long to think on this as a trap went off in her face as soon as they stepped forward. As they smoke cleared from the bomb, they were attacked by a Clown on a Unicycle and a creature with snakes for fingers (the One Hiding Under Your Stairs).

The group dealt with the lesser monsters while Lock kept running around the rooms setting more traps for whoever was trying to follow him. Finally, the group caught up with the boy and spanked him, but before they could take him out he also disappeared in a puff of purple smoke, without a trace, just like his sister. So the group decided to follow the most direct route and kept searching.

As they enter the Marshaling Point there is a small 5 year old boy wearing a skeleton costume standing in the middle of the room licking a black lollipop. As soon as he sees them, he giggles, crunches his lollipop with shark-like teeth. He then lowers his mask, taunting them, and gets ready to roll (like Choji from Naruto) while Witches & Cyclops attack from the shadows to either side of the room.

The magic flying around the room as well as Barrel doing his rolling attack really began to take it’s toll on the group, but they endeavored and almost knocked the little costumed boy out, but like his siblings his disappeared in a puff of purple smoke. By now the group was truly cussing, angry at not being able to capture or interrogate their intruders. Before they could spend too much time fuming, the doors to the Ritual Chamber opened invitingly. With trepidation the Outsiders carefully entered the darkness on the other side.

As the group enters the Ritual Chamber, they find that the room has been altered, almost as if another version of reality overlays it. From the gloom off to the east, a strange bathtub walking on metal monster legs scampers onto the scene. From inside it leaps the 3 costumed kiddies: Lock, Shock, and Barrel. They inform the Outsiders that their first attacks were just a chance for them to study them, but this time their Boss wants them to fight for real. Having fought the kids alone they were ready for their attacks, but the three of them were so well balanced that they fought so much better together than apart. This time they were much more of a challenge, but the group was finally able to beat them but this time they didn’t disappear in puffs of smoke. Once the kids were finally beaten the whole room went dark, and two giant eyes appeared in the darkness.

Out of the darkness came a mocking, laughing voice. “Well, well, well. What have we here? Oh, so you’re the ones everybody’s talking about? It looks like I’ve found a new dimension to flood with my nightmares. Jagannatha was correct, there are so many fun playthings on this world. Well, I’m Mr. Oogie Boogie and you ain’t going nowhere!”

As the eyes approach, the group sees a giant, barely humanoid being made of some type of burlap material, but under which it seems that thousands of things are wiggling and squirming. Whenever the group approaches Oogie, spiders and snakes crawl from within him and attack them. The Boogie Man loves to throw Spheres of Darkness around the room, and teleport to them without warning. He loved to throw exploding dice at members of the group as well as throwing cards that turn into soldiers to fight for him. His nightmare powers really challenged the group, but as they began to understand and predict his moves, they were finally able to have a couple of people draw his fighters while the rest stayed in motion to catch Oogie whenever he appeared at one of his shadow portals. The more damage his burlap seemed to take, the more his seams seemed to rip and the more creepy crawlies he lost. Finally, as he dies the rest of the escaping vermin will scream with his pain and fade from the world. As he disappears, the illusion of his nightmare fades around them like water washing a chalk painting off of a walkway. With his wails echoing away into the ethers, he warns them that Devir’s true master will soon be coming for them….

As Oogie’s nightmare powers fade from their fortress, the group finds that everything has returned to normal, but they can’t help but wonder what the Boogie Man meant by Devir’s true master, and the dreams they had keep niggling their subconsciousness’s.

As the group entered the nightmare, the room descended into black light



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