FR Scales of War

Siege of Bordrin's Watch


4/11-23/1479 DR


Symbol of Mortality Searinox Into the Depths On Orog
Counterstrike Gloves Galidion Chamber of Works Found in pile of booty
Elven Cloak Rinya Chamber of Works Found in pile of booty
Brass Key Damaia Boiler Room Found on Iranda
Arcanists Glasses Damaia Shrine to Moradin Found on dead bodies of Farstriders
Vylify Stonemeld Armor Shrine to Moradin Found on dead bodies of Farstriders

After succesfully protecting Grener’s Pride, the Outsiders returned to Brindol. There they learned that Overlook was hiring warriors to help defend the fortress at Bordrin’s Watch, at the edge of the Wastes of Halruaa. The group joins other warriors pouring into Overlook. They are chosen by the Dwarven Council to investigate the integrity of Monastery of Sundered Chain and find it overrun with Spellplagued Orcs. The dwarves there are already dead, but they’re able to save Kalad. Instead of returning to Overlook, they follow Kalad down into the Nexus where they confront the main horde of the Orc army sneaking beneath the mountain.

While resting, notices are put up in town that the City of Overlook is hiring warriors to come help defend Bordrin’s Watch from an impending Orcish invasion. Good money was being offered by the Dwarven Council so the PC’s seriously considered travelling there to lend their strength. When Lady Aranor asks if they will accompany her to Overlook, where she believes she has some kin, the groups mind is made up.

On the way there, they encounter a group of Orc Scouts, which should not be on this side of the Eastwall Mountains. The group picks up their pace, knowing that things must be more serious at Bordrin’s Watch than others have thought.

They hurriedly arrive at the Overlook but find that the Council is not supposed to convene until the next day. The gate guard recommends some places in town where they can stay the night and the group decides to stay at the House of Sleep. There, they find a very helpful Kalaban and meet Edgar of the Freeriders who direct them to different shops in town where they can find goods their looking for. The group splits up.

Elarinya and Damaia head over to the Forgeworks to pick up weapons. There, Rinya decides to see about the Signet Ring that they’d found at the Runekeep and they’re directed to the “Crazy One’s” house. There they find that Lady Aranor has met a long lost cousin and together they’re thinking of setting up a Rune Shop. Albir and Aranor gladly buy the ring back from her. While talking with them, the Ranger notices a cloaked figure duck into a back alley. The man reminded her of her brother, Devir, who she has been sent to find. As she calls out to him, he picks up his pace and leads them to a dead end. Without turning, the man laughs menacingly and then disappears while thugs poor out to attack the two women. Once they’ve been dispatched, they find a black cloud tattoo on the left forearms of their assailants. They return to the House of Sleep frustrated.

Searynox decided to visit the Nine Bells to pay devotion to his god and was shocked to find the area so run down. He spent several hours helpingg the priests with the poor, while finding out info about the town. After serving the public, he headed over to the Forgeworks to find an armorsmith. From there, he was headed to the religious seat to tell the priests off for the sorry state of their city when he’s attacked by a cutpurse. The fight is quickly over and he notices a tattoo. Once he arrives at Stone Anvil to speak with High Cleric Durkik Forgeheart. He has unkind words with one of the priests (whom he later learns was Durkik) before returning to the inn, feeling despondant over the things he’s witnessed today.

Vylify heads over to Elftown to visit the The Consortium to sell things and buy new rituals. While there, he’s helped by a dwarf named Bram Ironfell. After that, he heads over to Merty’s to buy special magical items. Riley gave him great deals and Vy promises to return to talk some more with Orsik. On the way back to the inn, he is accosted by a thug whom he noticed was casing Merty’s. He takes out the thug and notices his tattoo.

While the others went out, Galidion chose to stay in his room. While there, looking out his window, he noticed 2 gleaming eyes from the alley across from the inn. Afraid that the Shadovar had found him, he left the inn to investigate. Indeed a messenger of the Shade was waiting for him. He was sent to invite Galidion to return before the 12 Princes and to explain his side of the story so his honor could be returned. Galidion asks for 6 months to prove his innocence, which is granted him, but he is told that his father misses him.

He returns to the inn to find the others pulling Kalaban into a secluded room to talk to him about the tattoes they’ve all seen. Kalaban explains that the tattoo is the sign of the Lost Ones, a thieves guild they would all do well to avoid. That evening the groups has a pleasant meal with the Freeriders until another rival group, the Farstriders interupts the revelry and ruins the evening. The PC’s cut the evening short at that point.

The next morning, the Council of Elders convenes. Caer Overlook is full of warriors and adventurers. Elder Cadrick addresses the group and explains that Bordrin’s Watch has held against Orcish invaders before, but they have never seen a group as well organized as this. That is why they’ve called for help. “Durkik Forgeheart will lead the militias and most of you to bolster Bordrin’s Watch. Orc trailblazers infest the tunnels below, so we’ve tasked their security to the Farstriders. The Freeriders will descend into the Vents to close the mountain paths. One more mission remains, though. We need a group to evacuate the ”/campaign/scales-of-war-campaign/wikis/monastery-of-sundered-chain-and-the-nexus" class=“wiki-page-link”> Monastery of the Sundered Chain on the other side of the mountains." The PC’s volunteer for this assignment and are lent horses and give a map so they can find the Monastery.

As the group makes their way into the Monastery, they find that the place is overrun with spellscarred Orcs. It seems that the dwarven monks there were caught unawares and most were slaughtered in their sleep or before they could get fully armed. As the group descends further into the mountain, they finally come to the Chamber of Works, where they find an Orog Hero beating the last living Dwarf almost to death. The room is partially ablaze and further tunnels out of the room seem to have been collapsed. After the PC’s beat the orcs and their Orog leader, they are able to nurse the Dwarf, Kalad back to health. It seems that he had just finished sealing up another mountain pass and was coming here to seal this one when the orcish forces swarmed through this passage. Kalad hid until the last of the orcs came through, and then he sealed this passage. He wasn’t in time to save his bretheren, but he was able to stem the flow of the army through this passage. The orog, upon discovering that his backup couldn’t come through, had begun beating the Dwarf, demanding that the passage be reopened, when the PC’s had interceded. Kalad insists that the group should go to the Vents to make sure that the last passage through the mountains is closed. The PC’s try to reassure him that another group has already gone that way, but the dwarf Paladin is insistant.

Following his suggestions, the PC’s rest, have a strange dream and then head down to the Vents the next day. They find the Freeriders camp and horses, but no sign of the group. Kalad is able to steer the PC’s through the labyrinthine Vents and they discover that Orcs are down here too. As they’re defeating the first group, one of them sets off a Dwarvish trap in the hallway. The group encourages Kalad, who isn’t targeted by the constructs, to disarm the trap part way down the hallway.

In the next room, they discover a Dark One Creeper examining some huge pipes on either side of the room and they find the remains of Jen of the Freeriders. As they defeat the enemies, the Dark One, named Iranda uses illusions to escape from the room. Kalad stomps over and turns the big wheels on each pipe, allowing hot water to fully flow through them towards the Nexus. Ahead of them, Iranda warns Tusk that warriors are coming. The Orog Chieftan orders the Dark One to alert the Troll so it will kill them.

As the group follows the Dark One, they round the corner to find a Cave Troll finishing off the remains of the other Freeriders. With a lot of effort, this group is killed as well, but not before the Troll uses Kalad as an impromptu club against Elarinya. While the group is looting the bodies, giving last rights to the Freeriders, and Kalad is consecrating the alter to Moradin, a shadowy portal opens up behind Galidion and the swordmage is yanked inside. The PC’s briefly hear someone say, “It’s time boyo,” and then Galidion is gone in the blink of an eye. The PC’s wanted to search for their compatriot, but Kalad reminds them that if the Orc armies smash the Nexus controls before they can get there, then all hope is lost. On the body of Iranda, they find an intricate Brass Key and a note:

“Be circumspect as you arm and guide the Orcish forces. Our master must not get wind of our actions.”

- Modra

The group searches the rooms on the other side of the hallway, but there is little there. As they enter the Nexus, they see that Tusk and his Shadar-Kai Warlock, Myrissa, are ahead of them, climbing the catwalks around the outside of the room, leading up to the control panel. As the group climbs to stop them, more orcs keep pouring out side passageways to slow them. Finally, Searynox and Kalad throw a grappling hook and rope up to the control panel. the two of them climb to the top as the rest of the group fights off the reinforcements. The Dragonborn and the Dwarf barely get to the controls ahead of the spellscarred Orog Chieftan, just as his Warlock lover dies. The PC’s fight the chieftan, barely holding him off as Kalad gets the ancient machine working and boiling hot water begins pumping into the room, flooding the side passages that disappear into the mountain. The Dwarf leads the group up an escape ladder where they seal off the Nexus and climb to safety.

The “Outsiders Group”, weary and wounded, heads back to Overlook. With the Nexus sealed and Tusk defeated, they have completed their mission, but more importantly, they have delivered a deathblow to the orc hordes. With their leader dead and cut off from the tunnels, the orcs have no choice but to attack Bordrin’s Watch. The fighting is brutal, for even though the orcs have lost their advantage, they are still numerous and powerful. After five days of fighting, the defenders on the walls turn back the hordes, sending them back into the badlands once more. With the threat at an end, the surviving PCs are welcomed as heroes and given badges of distinction to recognize their courageous efforts and their parts in saving Overlook and the Vale of Dambrath. During the ceremony, the adventurers are free to relax, drink, and enjoy some well-deserved downtime, but they can’t help but feel like they’re being watched.

Back at the House of Sleep, Elarinya has a letters waiting in response to the updates that she’s been sending her family.



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