FR Scales of War

Searynox's Month Off

Date: 6/21-7/21/1479 DR

The Outsiders had a month off, and here’s what Seaynox accomplished.

Right after the Summer Solstice celebrations, Searynox Winterborn spent most of his days helping to heal those who had been hurt during the battle with the armies of General Zithiruun, alleviating suffering in any way that he could. Some citizens of Overlook had been beyond saving, but most were grateful for the help of the white Dragonborn and his clerical powers.

Once the last patient had been helped, Searynox then spent the rest of his time helping to rebuild the temple of Kelemvor with his fellow priests. It was slow, but before the month was over, the temple was looking better than it had in a very long time. Due to his efforts among the people, throughout the Nine Bells region, and on the temple, many worshipers of Kelemvor began to be more active in their faith.

One day while he was meditating in one of the holy rooms in the temple, Kelemvor felt his god’s presence settle over him. Deep in his heart, he knew that the god of the dead was well-pleased with his efforts on his behalf. Searynox felt his god’s spirit infuse him, imbuing him with power from on high, enhancing his abilities to help others as a Miracle Worker. The Cleric had no idea how long Kelemvor filled him with his light, but after a second or maybe a few hours, his presence slowly withdrew, leaving the Dragonborn weakened, but elated at being able to commune with his god so closely. After that, he worked with increased vigor to help those in need around him.

During this time, he had a well-crafted iron-bound chest created which could be hidden in Fortress Graystone, but which could be called to them, no matter where they were, with a new ritual that he had learned called Leomund’s Secret Chest. Inside, they could store powerful weapons, armor, and artifacts to help them on their quests, but which would be too cumbersome to carry around. Damaia helped him hide the chest, and then protected it with magical spells and wards.

Also while meditating, he was contacted by the Circle of Dragons and warned that a mated pair of green dragons had just moved into the Rethild Swamp….



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