FR Scales of War

Return to Overlook

Date: 6/15-16/1479 DR


Resplendent Boots Damaia Shrine of Gond Grovald
Alchemy Gloves Vylify Shrine of Gond Grovald

Food = Kevin, Drinks = Kannarrs

The Outsiders finish escorting Amyria back to Overlook and find the city refortifying. The group splits up to take care of various business, only to find that there are odd things happening around the city. They are asked by Lavinya, Priestess of the temple of Gond to locate her missing friend Haelyn, the Priestess of the Shrine of Gond. As the outsiders dig deeper, they find not only a murder, but further political strife.

After spending the night at Master Collob’s farm, they left early the next morning to go the few hours it would take to make it to Overlook. As the city drew into sight, they were met with repairs and refortifications being done on the city. The “Heroes of Overlook” were immediately recognized and waved into the city. As Amyria headed off to the Temple of Bahamut the rest of the group grabbed Vylify and drug him to the Forgeworks so they could return the Wicked Fang sword to Groland Hammerstrike. In the time that they’d been gone, Groland had taken on a young apprentice, whose beard wasn’t yet halfway to his belt, named Gustin. The weaponsmith was elated to hear that his brother’s murderer had been brought to justice. As agreed, he rewarded them highly for returning the evil weapon which he was going to destroy.

From there, the group split; Vylify headed off to Merty’s to work with the Artificer there to continue to hone his skills. Galidion headed briefly to the House of Sleep to send a message to the Princes of Shade. He had thought about staying, but Kalaban’s androgynous ways bugged him too much, so he went to Blister to get blitzed. Timur, Elarinya and Damaia headed to the The Consortium to sell things that they’d picked up and to see if there was anything they wanted to buy. While there, they learned that Bram Ironfell was not in the city, but would be back soon. Damaia considered getting a new tattoo to commemorate their adventure but then she remembered Misty wasn’t a very good tattooist and decided to put it off. The Paladin left for the Divine Knot to commune with his god, Tempus. The ladies returned to the House of Sleep and Rinya found a letter waiting for her. While they were eating, Kalaban also informed them that a priestess of Gond, named Lavinya was looking for them and her errand seemed rather urgent. They agreed to visit her once they’d eaten and had a few drinks.

Searynox left for the Nine Bells district so he could visit Kelemvor’s temple. As he entered the Divine Knot, he noticed that there was a lot of activity going at at Moradin’s temple. It seemed like the temple was being restored and rebuilt. Curious, the Dragonborn wandered into the temple to find out what was going on. The first thing he noticed as he entered was that Megan Swiftblade and the Freeriders were working guard detail. By the looks they gave him, he could tell that they recognized him and still weren’t happy that the Outsiders had gotten more recognition during the Orc Invasion than they had. He was also recognized by another who almost ran him over with his full wheel barrow. The dwarf introduced himself as Murrik Hammerfist and told the Cleric that he and his band weren’t welcome here (He suddenly recalled that the Hammerfists were the clan who had attacked them on the way to the Karak Mines). Other members of the Hammerfist clan began to circle around Searynox and the Freeriders stepped forward like they were torn between stopping the violence or allowing it to go on. About that time a red-bearded dwarf wearing a smock with the emblam of Moradin on it broke up the fight, sending the group back to work. He introduced himself to the Dragonborn as Ancestor Karros, the overseer of the temple, Second to High-Priest Durkik Forgeheart. Searynox asked why the sudden interest in repairing this temple? Karros explained that High-Priest Durkik had a vision that this temple should be reopened so that all of the races who wished to worship Moradin could do so, without feeling ill at ease up at the Stone Anvil. With this vision, the Hammerfist clan were donating time, money, and materials to this project as its staunchest supporters. The Cleric of Kelemvor asked if the reconstruction was only for Moradin’s Temple or all of the rest, which had fallen into disrepair? Karros didn’t know, but suggested that he either talk to the head of his temple, or ask Master Forgeheart himself. Searynox thanked him and left.

The cleric continued on to his temple and found that the head of the temple, Matron Volorvyn had just returned to care for the temple. In all of the time that they’d been at Overlook, he’d never met or heard of the Matron, so he was a little suspicious. She was a tall, skinny woman, pale and tragic looking in her robes of office. She greeted him warmly and thanked him for all of his sacrifices for the temple and their god. Searynox welcomed her back to the temple and asked where she’d been all these months? She explained that she’d run the temple before as an assistant, but when the previous high-priest had returned to Kelemvor, she’d been summoned to the city of Sayre for training and had just returned. She was also surprised by the sudden interest to rebuild Moradin’s temple here, but didn’t know any more about it. She planned on talking to the Council of Elders about getting funding for the renovation of their temple. The Cleric thought that all of this sounded great, but the Matron seemed distracted the whole time, which only seemed to emphasize his suspicions. He excused himself from Volorvyn’s presence and then left. On his way out, he spoke to one of the other temple workers that he trusted and found that Matron Volorvyn’s story was true, but still had a lot of holes in it.

After a hearty meal, the two ladies had made their way down to the Nine Bells to find the temple of Gond, also noticing the renovations to Moradin’s temple. Compared to it, the temple of Gond had seen much better days. Inside, a dark-haired half-elf rose from prayer in front of a statue of Gond. She was excited to know that the Heroes of Overlook had finally come to visit and sat them on the only clean pews, offering them cheap wine. She explained that besides this temple, there was a Shrine of Gond run by a little old lady named Haelyn. When the women showed recognition, the priestess plunged on. She told them that a few weeks ago, without warning, Haelyn just disappeared. Her replacement, a man by the name of Grovald, told her that the old priestess had taken a spiritual retreat, but that seemed really suspicious. Lavinya, admitted that later she’d snuck a peek through the shutters of Haelyn’s house (for which she’d since repented) but she’d seen part of a rather suspicious letter through the slats. It was addressed to ‘G’—that must be Grovald,and it began with “I am commanded to ask if you’ve had any further problems with the worshipers of . . .” That’s
all she saw, but she thought it sounded sinister enough. She then went to report this to the authorities, but they thought that there was nothing wrong with a spiritual retreat. She also turned to her fellow priests at the other temples and even though they’ve known each other for years, they also seemed unconcerned about it. Not knowing what else to do, she thought of the city’s heroes. She asked if they’d be willing to look into this affair, even though she couldn’t offer them anything in return? Damaia and Rinya agreed to check it out… but nothing more. Before they left the Nine Bells district, they decided to swing by Tempus’ temple to find Timur. Once they’d explained what they’d been asked to do, he finished up his prayers, and feeling his god’s approval, he joined them.

After getting thoroughly drunk, Galidion decided to head down to find Amyria in the temple to Bahamut. In his drunken state, he tried to arouse her ire to get her to attack him, but she kept her calm and suggested that he sober up. Since he couldn’t provoke her, he staggered out of the temple, spewing offal everywhere. He met up with the other three as they were leaving Tempus’ Temple

Searynox had followed Ancestor Karros’ suspicions that things were not right with High-Priest Durkik, so he headed to the Stone Anvil to see if he could gain an audience with him. The great temple to Moradin didn’t seem as well tended as it had in the past, obviously reflecting the lack of attetion that the old priest had told him of. It was true that the High Priest was pouring everything into repairing the other temple. The Dragonborn tried numerous ways to get a chance to speak with Priest Forgeheart, but he was told repeatedly that the High-Priest was busy in the lower levels. As he further inquired, he was told over and over that High-Priest Durkik was following Moradin’s vision to make a temple available to the other races, not in the heart of Dwarf-town. That was the only reason that this was happening. The Cleric wasn’t happy with the parroted answser, but couldn’t get anything else. As he was on his way back to the House of Sleep, he met the rest of the group headed to Merty’s to find Vylify. Once they’d gotten past the lecherous halfling and explained things to their Artificer compatriot, the Outsiders headed together to investigate the Shrine of Gond.

The Shrine was in a much better state than the temple had been. There were a decent number of faithful praying around the alter, but the man dressed in black behind it seemed distracted, like he didn’t want to be there, as he muttered off the appropriate responses at the end of each prayer. Vylify and Galidion decided to sneak off to check out the two shacks east of the Shrine while the rest of the group tried to talk with Priest Grovald. As they questioned the man about Haelyn, they got the pat answer that they expected, but Timur could tell by looking in his eyes that the man was lying. In Haelyn’s house, the Eladrin discovered rotting food in the pantry and a full clothes locker, both signs that the woman had not been prepared to leave on a long journey. The Netherese had a little more trouble, since his head was still spinning, but he discovered a symbol of Shar buried beneath clothes in a locker and in the fireplace he found a scrap of a note:

. . . unreachable for a time, as I must . . . the priests’ orders as you would my own, for he . . . s always, be certain you destroy this mis . . . . . . eneral Zi . . .

While the holy ones in the group were talking with Grovald, an older lady approached the women to tell them, conspiratorily, recognizing them as the Heroes of Overlook, that she felt that this man wasn’t really a Priest of Gond, and then she quietly left. As soon as the Paladin realized that the man was lying, he commanded everyone to leave the shrine, resting his hand obviously on his sword. Hearing the commotion, the two sneaks hurried to find good positions before all hell broke loose. As the followers filed out, the Outsiders noticed that some of them seemed to hang back as if waiting for something. When the innocent people were safe, The Kalashtars eyes flashed a brighter white as he commanded the priest to tell him where Haelyn really was! Grovald threatened to send them to meet her and attacked with shadowy holy magic. At the same time,the stragglers drew weapons to attack as well. As the fight began, Galidion and Vylify discovered that there were crossbowmen in the trees all around the shrine as well, so they kept them from sniping their comrades by taking them down. As the fight went on, Searynox struggled to impose his will on Grovald’s to Dominate him, and while the false priest was distracted from a mighty blow of Rinya’s, he was able to slip past his defenses. While the rest of the Outsiders fought the other attackers, he pried information from the man. Groland admitted that he’d killed Haelyn and buried her body behind the fountain. He also confirmed that he was a follower of Shar, but he was doing this job simply as a mercenary for someone called General Zithiruun. He didn’t know what he was a general of, or even what race because he was always a dark cloak. The only outstanding feature was his armor which was made up of straps and strange wires. He’d only ever met the General once, but he usually reported to a Dwarf. The Dragonborn really had to push to get the name, but Grovald finally revealed that it was Durkik Forgeheart, which only confirmed the Cleric’s suspicions. Once they’d learned all they could, Galidion offered the man his life for Shar’s (who they both worshipped) sake, but the false priest reiterated that he wasn’t doing this for Shar, so the Swordmage finished his life.

Once the mess at the Shrine was cleaned up, the Outsiders headed up to Caer Overlook to speak with the Council of Elders, but the council was busy in meetings until the next day. Instead they were directed to speak to the Captain of the Guard, Captain Aerun. They had seen this blonde-bearded dwarf in charge of fortifications this morning as they’d entered the city. He explained that the council had finally approved the refortification since the Orc Attacks. The group told him about Haelyn’s death and how High-Priest Forgeheart was somehow mixed up with a General Zithiruun. Once the High-Priest was mentioned the Captain looked very concerned. He told them that because of the political ramifications of this, he’d handle the situation, but he’d have to handle it delicately because of who they were indicting. Unfortunately, they didn’t have concrete proof, so that added extra wrinkles to the case. Captain Aerun thanked them, sent them back to the House of Sleep , and told them that he’d be following up on this on the morrow.



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