FR Scales of War

Rescue At Rivenroar


2/15-22/1479 DR


Duelist’s Weapon Lyris Spiderweb landing Found interred with one of the bodies
Symbol of Life Searinox Fresco Chamber Found on one of the gnomes
Sylvan Armor Lyris Von Jallach Crypt Found in the nest of the needlefang drakes
Rod of Reaving Damaia Sinruth’s Abode Hidden inside the sarcophagus
Gauntlets of Ogre Power Vylify Lords of Rivenroar Audience Chamber Piled behind the throne

The characters meet by fate in the town of Brindol as they save it from a Hobgoblin attack. They are then hired to rescue the kidnapped townsfolk and the stolen artifacts which were taken during the attack. They hunt the Resurrected Red Hand to Castle Rivenroar where they are able to save all but one of the kidnapees and also able to defeat the monsters.

The different members of the group happen to be travelling through the small town of Brindol and are resting at the Antler and Thistle Inn, having dinner and a nice drink, when the inn is suddenly attacked by goblins. Banding together, the Eladrin, the Elf, the Dragonborn and the Tiefling helped turned the tide of battle. In the process, though, the goblins set fire to the tavern and the inn next door. The Outsiders have to help put out the fires once the monsters are slain.

The next morning they were called in by Councilmember Eoffram Troyas. He explains that the raiders claim to be part of the Resurrected Red Hand and that they not stole valuable artifacts from the towns Great Hall of Valor and also kidnapped 7 citizens for unknown purposes. Councilman Troyas asks the group to hunt down the Red Hand and to bring back the captives and the artifacts.

Reluctantly the rag-tag band agrees to work together, especially since the reward is right. The town guard had been able to capture a Hobgoblin named Morrik. Searynox and Damaia get information about the location of the Red Hands hideout at Castle Rivenroar. The group loads up on supplies and then sets off for the castle.

Lyris is able to get the group safely to the dilapidated old castle in the Southern Gnollwatch mountains. They found the upper floors crawling with goblinoids of all sorts. The first person they rescued was Zerriksa, a crotchity old woman who had pretended to be a witch to keep others away from her shack. Damaia and Vylify quickly found that she had no actual magical abilities. The only thing she seemed to be good at was complaining and telling the group how much they sucked. There were plenty of times that the group wanted to drop her down a deep hole and forget about her.

After passing through a strange room with a one-way portal from a sunken castle in a swamp, the group next saved Sertanian the wise protector of the Great Hall of Valor.

A few rooms over, they find the body of Captain Kartenix webbed to the wall, his expression one of pure pain as he died. Sertanian explains that Kartenix is the father of a little boy who was also captured with them, named Thurann.

Down a tight spiral staircase, the group rescues Mirtala. The poor woman has been bitten many times by rats and has caught Filth Fever. Searynox is able to start nursing her back to health. The altar that she was tied to used to belong to the Raven Queen, Searynox’s Goddess, but it was changed to be an Altar to Bane and Vecna. While the Dragonborn does his healing, Damaian pries the eyes out of the Displacer Beast statues that had so scared them. In the adjoining Rivenroar Family Crypt, they find the Inscription:
p=. “Here lie the Rivenroars until the Day of the Balck Sun. If you seek their monument, look at the lands around you.”

Down in the Von Jallach Crypt, the group rescues the Dwarven Alchemist Adronsius. He’s able to help the group stabilize Mirtala and he also remembers where Jalissa was being kept.

As they descend a large staircase to the lower region, the Dragonborn starts trying to pick up the Tiefling, regardless of the fact that arrows are raining around them.

In the Von Adrez-Kauthin Crypt the group is able to save the Acolyte of Ioun, Jalissa. Damaia is the first person she sees, and is also the one who releases her from her shackles. Jalissa is enamored with the Tiefling, who is also a follower of Ioun.

From this room, the group splits in two. Searynox and Vylify head south into a small crypt room. Searynox is so happy that he doesn’t get hit once in this room that he starts dancing (the MC Hammer Dance)

The ladies head to the north room and discover a pool of water. As they’re looking in it, they each see different scenes. Lyris is frightened to see Searynox doing his dance, but Damaia sees a dark figure hiding in the shadow of some pillars.

The last to be saved is Thurann and he is heartbroken to find out that his father is dead. Mirtala and Zeriksa take turns consoling the boy while the group ventures deeper to find the missing artifacts.

One room is filled with a black sun, that seems to be giving life to the undead in the lower levels. The group tries to destroy it, but the amassed necrotic energy is too powerful. The Cleric tries asking the Raven Queen for her help, but gets no answer. Damaia jokes that she’s probably busy getting a facial.

Finally, the group breaks through and encounters Sinruth, the leader of the new Red Hand. He gives them quite a fight, but they’re finally able to beat him. In his pocket they discover a note:

Who is this Emissary? In the rooms that Sinruth had been using they found the Gauntlets and the DragonCrest from the Great Hall of Valor.

Further in, they find a room where a demon was trapped and an Obelisk dedicated to Vecna. Once the creatures were all killed the Cleric did everything he could to purge the taint of Vecna. In the Obelisk room, they found the Ceremonial Sword, broken Red Hand Shields, and the Battle Standard, the full list of missing artifacts. As Damaia and Vylify study them, they realize that only the sword has the slightest hint of magic to it, the rest are just common items. Sertanian explains that they aren’t treasures in the typical sense, but they are museum artifacts which have great sentimental value for the people of Brindol.

As the group is doubling back around, they enter the Audience Chamber and awaken a Wight. a great battle ensues before the undead are killed again and the group is finally able to leave the castle behind.

As the group returns back to town, they are lauded as heroes and Councilman Troyas gives them their promised rewards. The group is allowed a few weeks of rest to level up and resupply. When asked for the name of their group, they decide that they should be known as the OUTSIDERS

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