FR Scales of War

Errands Around Town

Date: 5/3-5/1479 DR


Pact Blade Damaia Warehouse 9 The group had to bypass Sarshan’s trap to earn these “Christmas Gifts”
Champion’s Symbol Searinox Warehouse 9 The group had to bypass Sarshan’s trap to earn these “Christmas Gifts”
Gadgeteer’s Goggles Vylify Warehouse 9 The group had to bypass Sarshan’s trap to earn these “Christmas Gifts”
Shadowdancer’s Cloak Galidion Warehouse 9 The group had to bypass Sarshan’s trap to earn these “Christmas Gifts”
Harmony Blade Elarinya Warehouse 9 The group had to bypass Sarshan’s trap to earn these “Christmas Gifts”

Food = Travis, Drinks = Gees

After returning from Umbraforge, the group rested up, while the Dwarven Council had Sarshan’s warehouses cleaned out. They found a strange trap and instead of risking their own men, they asked the “Heroes of Overlook” to deal with the trap. After that, the Outsiders were invited to dinner and hired by a leader of The Consortium, Bram Ironfell, to hunt down the Lost Mines of Karak.

After returning from the Shadowfell, the group took some much needed time to rest, catching up on sleep.

The next day the Outsiders split up and ran different errands around town. Elarinya and Galidion headed off to report on their activities to their families. Rinya then went in search of a better weapon while Galidion did his best to keep his lunch down, while trying to get Kalaban’s help in finding someone who could help the group buy property. The metrosexual annoyed him so much, that the Swordmage paid a waif to find out if Kalaban really had a wife and child or if he was as gay as they all feared. Damaia went to the The Consortium to get a tattoo from Misty of the fall of the Tower of Umbraforge. She was shocked when Misty was able to touch her and then sketch a detailed picture of the tower; it was a special power of hers. Searynox returned to the Divine Knot to give of his time in helping to rebuilt the temple of the Raven Queen. Vylify went back to Merty’s shop so that he and Orsik could work making more artificer things together. Vy had wanted to upgrade his sword and armor as well as transfer an enchantment for Damaia.

While waiting for Orsik to collect some necessary items, Vylify took a trip to Caer Overlook to speak to Elder Stonefist about what they’d seen in Umbraforge. Elder Stonefist said that his words only confirmed what they’d suspected from cleaning out Sarshan’s warehouses. The Dwarven Elder then asked Vylify if he could get him and his comrades to help them with something strange they’d found in Warehouse 9? The Eladrin told him that he’d check with his group and then report back. He then returned to Merty’s and send a bunch of waifs out contact the others, who agreed to the job.

Since he was bored, Galidion was looking to spar with someone. In the barracks he encountered Kalad who informed him that he’d recently been made Captain of the Watch and that he was looking to meet with the group. He quietly informed the Netherese that a rich merchant was looking to hire the group and that Kalad was supposed to ask if they’d join him for dinner around the 7th bell? Galidion agreed to talk with his group and to meet with Kalad at half past the 6th bell, in front of the House of Sleep.

The group met up in the early afternoon and headed over to Warehouse 9. There, a dwarf led them deep into the warehouse, to a hidden staircase. The wooden stairs descended to a wide hallway that was swirling with strong winds. They found a dragon statue with a tornado swirling around it and magical light shining down upon it from a magical glyph inscribed in the ceiling above. At the foot of the stairs were 8 mirrored tiles and as they watched, a dwarf was beating on the other side of the mirror and then was sucked away into a storm. The dwarf contact explained to them that they could see treasure on the other side of this trap, but no one could get past it, they had all been sucked into the mirrors. The Swordmage asked the Dwarf to bring a waif (named Walven), which he then paid 5 gold to see if he could run as fast as he could past the whirlwind. The homeless child tried, but the magic light flared and soon he disappeared behind the mirrors as well. Vylify then noticed a mechanism on the backside of the statue that he figured might disarm the trap. Damaia and Galidion were interested in disarming the magical rune set on the ceiling. Rinya and Searynox were happy to just assist the others. The Eladrin tried to fey step behind the statue, but found himself being drug back into the whirlwind and the magical light. Galidion dove head first into the wind, using it to fly him towards the outstretched wing of the statue. The Dragonborn asked the dwarf for a reflective shield, while Rinya attached a grappling hook into the wall of the hall, then tied the other end of the rope around her waist. She then waded into the wind and lost her footing. As she was drug into the runic light, suddenly the Elf disappeared and found herself falling through space on the other side of the mirrors. The group knew that time was running out so Vylify fought to disarm the statue, while Galidion and Damaia did their best to climb the statue towards the rune. Searnynox realized that he couldn’t wait for the dwarf to return, so he hoped that his armor would be reflective enough to protect the others. He leapt into the wind as well. Just as the Eladrin disarmed the wind trap, the two other mages were able to disrupt the flow of magic through the rune, which disarmed the light trap. Suddenly the mirrors shattered and everyone who had been falling inside, spilled out onto the floor, including some dead bodies who had been in the trap long enough to starve to death. Walven the Waif ran away with what gold he could get (and years later he’ll use this money to open his own in on the road between Amn and Riatavin, found here group was then easily able to acquire the magical items from the chest beyond. They were pieces of item sets (Merry Christmas!!). They also found a partial map all in Dwarven. The dwarf with them was able to make the name “Ironfell” and let them keep all of the treasure that they found as agreed upon. They also talked him into letting them keep the dragon statue, should they ever acquire a place to put it.

The group returned to the House of sleep to freshen up before dinner. Kalad came to get them at the prescribed time and then led them to Coxcomb Spirits, in the richest part of town, Stonehammer. Along the way, he explained that this restaurant usually had a six month waiting period to get a table, but their host, Bram Ironfell had done well to get it. Vylify recognized that name, since he’d met the Dwarf at the Consortium.

Bram Ironfell was delighted that the Outsiders group had agree to meet with him. Over drinks and appetizers he explained that he wished to hire them. Hundreds of years ago the dwarves of Clan Ironfell had discovered a very profitable mine which they named after the first dwarf to fall in it’s defense, Karak. The Mines of Karak were lost after the Spellplague turned the land around it into a desert wasteland and the dwarves mining there were killed off. The secret of the mine was lost. As they moved on to dinner, Bram explained that while they were cleaning out Sarshan’s warehouses, they found part of a map that seemed to lead to the mines. Galidion tried to play coy, but finally the merchant caught on and the group admitted that they’d found part of a map as well. When they put the two pieces together, they almost clearly led to mines. The group would need to travel North through the Rethild swamp and then the Thornwastes. From there they’d need to head Northwest into the desert. Bram agreed to pay the group 1000 gold up front, to supply them with horses, and to even try to help them get a good deal on property if they succeeded. The Outsiders agreed to this and promised that they’d take off in a few days to search for the Karak Load.

Elarinya’s LetterS 4-5

Letter to Galidion 1



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