FR Scales of War

Enter Timur Aisling

Strange events had begun occurring in the town of Brindol. Thurann and Timur Aisling were chosen to go to Overlook to find the Outsiders and bring them back. The two of them set off for Overlook, but once they got inside the city walls, they realized that their search would be harder than they’d expected. After many false leads, they drew closer to finding the heroes, but then they were ambushed and Thurann was kidnapped.

The Kalashtar, Timur Aisling had recently been searching for a Githzerai Monastery called Fortress Graystone, but he’d had no luck locating it in the South Gnollwatch mountains. His supplies had been running low, so he’d returned to Brindol to check on his Aunt Zerriksa. She caught him up on what he’d missed in town during his travels, including being there to save her when she had been kidnapped by Hobgoblins and spent hours telling him how much he sucked. In her own crotchity way, she was thankful to have been rescued and that her adopted son was home safe again.

A few days later, Councilman Eoffram Troyas had called the town to an emergency meeting in the Town Square. Once everyone was gathered, he announced that the night before old Sertanian had learned something of dire importance and the assistance of the “Outsiders” was requested. The councilman knew that they’d last been headed to Overlook but he wasn’t sure of any further details. He then asked if someone, who would know the Outsiders on sight, would be willing to travel to find them and to bring them back as soon as possible. Before anyone could answer, young Thurann volunteered. the whole town knew that the young man had desperately wanted to prove himself since the death of his father at Castle Rivenroar. Councilman Troyas started his argument that Thurann was too young and inexperienced, but suddenly Timur (who wanted a chance to meet and to thank the Outsiders for saving his aunt’s life) volunteered to travel with Thurann as his “bodyguard.” The scamp bristled, but the town agreed that this arrangement would be acceptable.

Once they were geared up and had been lent horses from the town, the duo set off for the shortest route possible between Brindol and Overlook, which would take them through the swamp. Neither had done much horseback riding, so they were a little sore, and the 2nd night they were accosted by bandits, but otherwise their trip was uneventful.

Their combined skills brought them safely to the walls of Overlook. At the gate, they began their search looking for the Outsiders by talking to Aerun, Captain of the Guard. Thurann described the group thus; “There’s this huge white dragon guy, and he’s so big he’s just whoa! And then there’s this devil chick, and she has big… she’s hot! And there there’s an elf guy who wears a of… stuff, and another sneaky elf lady…”. The guard knew of them, just not where they stayed in town. He warned the young man to stay away from Blister and Shantytown, the worst sections of town.

Of course, Blister was the first section that they went to visit. Thurann wanted to listen to the word on the street to see what they could learn. Along the way, a street lady offered to help the boy become a man… and he was sorely tempted, except that Timur drug him away from the temptation. They found a small tavern and went inside to get a drink. As the boy made his way around the room to a far table, he picked up information that a lot of these men were out of work because many warehouses had been shut down in the area and the black market weapon sales had trickled down to nothing. Many of them were talking about the Outsiders, but moreso about the bounty put on their heads. The rogue was so focued that he hadn’t even realized that Timur had been trying to get his attention the whole time. Finally, the Kalashtar tapped into his innate ability to speak through telepathy and asked the boy to share what he was learning. This shocked Thurann so badly that the boy yelped, drawing the attention of the whole bar. Quickly he quick-fingered a small shot of whiskey from a nearby table and pretended that the strong liquor had caught him off guard. The barkeep called the young boy over, berating him for drinking so young, then berating Timur as his guardian for letting it happen. While he had the old man’s attention, Thurann asked him where he could find more information about these bounties that he was hearing about, since his father was a bounty hunter, of course? The barkeep gave him a strange look, but directed him to speak to the owner of the Clean Sheets inn in Shantytown, but he suggested that the boy not stay there, that he find a nice place to spend the night, like the Mountain’s Hearth. They thanked him and headed back to Shantytown.

The Clean Sheets wasn’t too hard to find, and the duo walked in the front door to find three men sitting around playing a game of Three Dragon Ante. The innkeeper, a balding, hairy, stinky man (with a Jersey accent) asked them what they wanted. They told him they were there for information on a Bounty. He finished his flight, winning that gambit and then indicated that they should follow him to a back room. As the door shut behind him, the boy warned the innkeeper that the man on his left had a Bronze Dragon card hidden up his sleeve. This caused the man to open up to him. Szagyn was his name and he told them that a powerful man had put a huge bounty of 2000 gold on the head of each member of the Outsiders, but that they weren’t to be underestimated. The paladin of Kord flexed and Thurann pointed out that they had five other friends built like this guy, so they had nothing to worry about. Szagyn looked skeptical, but told them that the only thing he knew was that they were often seen in Elftown or in the Forgeworks.

It was getting late, so they decided to find the Mountain’s Hearth, where they were kindly greeted by Mistress Reggen and treated to a comfortable bed, a bath, and a good meal. During that time, the dwarf matron doted on them talking non-stop about how the Outsiders had swooped out of nowhere and saved her from the Lost Ones. She didn’t rightly know where they were staying, but she echoed that they were known to be in Elftown or the Forworks.

The next day the duo headed down to the Forgeworks. As they were making their way through the bustle, one shop stood out to them, covered as it was in black drapings, the color of mourning. They stopped a Dwarf Woman and asked her what had happened. Lady Aranor told them of the tragic death of the swordmaker, Bruenor Hammerstrike. They mentioned that they were searching for the Outsiders and she was excited to let them know that the Outsiders had saved her from her family’s curse, and she knew that they usually stayed at the House of Sleep. They were getting closer, but first, they were curious to find out what had happened to Bruenor, so they went next door to Groland’s Maces to speak with his brother. Groland was still grieving over his brother’s death from 2 weeks ago. He told them that for the last few months, Bruenor had been working on the greatest sword that he’d ever crafted as a requested commission. He’d finished it, sold it the client, and that night he’d gone out drinking with Groland. The next morning he’d been found brutally slain. Thurann asked if anyone knew who the client was, did Bruenor keep a ledger? They went next door, avoiding the blood stain that couldn’t seem to be cleaned out of the stones, and quickly found in the ledger that the unit had been for someone named Kyrion. Groland offered the duo a reward of 4500 gold if they could return the sword, Wicked Fang, to him.

After that, they headed to the House of Sleep, and were greeted by Kalaban, who scared them both. Kalaban admitted that the Outsiders often used his establishment, but that they’d been gone for a few weeks. Timur suspected that the Eladrin knew more than he was telling, but they couldn’t get the info out of him. As Kalaban floated off to take care of someone else, a cloaked figure in the corner caught their eye. He offered to give them information on the Outsiders… for a price. He freely admitted that he’d lost his job when the warehouses were cleaned out and shut down, so he was now playing at informant. Once paid, he told them that the Outsiders were hiding in the Nine Bells, at the temple of Kelemvor.

The day was waning as the two from Brindol made their way into the poorest section of town, known for the abandoned temples built there during a better time. The temple to the God of Death was easy enough to find, and looked badly in need of repair. Inside, the place was covered in dust, and besides the recent footprints, the place seemed empty, but they could sense other bodies in the building. As they worked their way deeper, they came across 4 heavily cloaked figures, one of which seemed to be huge. Thurann had his hopes up, but was still cautious. They tried to approach the group, but a raspy voice asked them what they wanted. Timur responded that they were from Brindol, seeking the Outsiders for Sertanian. The cloaked figures led the group out through the back door into a deserted square with a horse and cart tethered to the side. There, the groups pulled back their hoods and they were not the Outsiders. They were the Lost Ones and they knew who the duo were, having done their research while they’d been asking questions around town. The bandits attacked the duo hard and they were holding their own, until more of them joined the fray. Thurann was knocked unconscious while Timur was ringed by enemies. The paladin did his best to break free of his attackers, but he was unable to do so before the unconscious boy had been carried off. Badly wounded, Timur broke off the fight and gave chase, but the kidnappers had vanished. The Kalashtar decided that a retreat was the better part of valor and he did his best to fade into the crowds returning to their homes from work.

Unsure of where else to go, Timur returned to the House of Sleep to confront Kalaban. The astute Eladrin took one look at the man and led him into the magical Room of Silence. He confessed that he knew that the Outsiders were in town, but had used discretion earlier because of the shadowy man listening in. Kalaban offered Timur a free room for the night, a place to wash up and rest, and when the Outsiders returned, he promised to introduce him to them. Timur was bound and determined to save his little buddy!



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