FR Scales of War

Damaia's Month Off

Date: 6/21-7/21/1479 DR

The Outsiders had a month off, and here’s what Damaia accomplished.

Walking through the streets of Overlook, Damaia and the Outsiders are enjoying a pleasant afternoon working to spend some of the gold that they had recently earned. The sights and smells of the bustling city are somewhat overwhelming and yet reassuring at the same time. Beings salute the “Heroes of Overlook” as they pass them, and they are granted a level of respect that they could grow used to. As you step around a puddle on your side of the street, a flicker of flame in midair causes you to pause and look harder. As you watch, letters, then words in exquisite handwriting seem to burn into existence in the air before you, as if being inscribed by a flaming finger. Even as you continue to walk, the fiery, burning letters continue to form before you, moving with you, always staying at eye level:

"Damaia Dear,"

You glance over at your companions, to see if they’ve noticed the flaming words in midair, but none seem to be able to see them, not even Vylify, who is always quick to notice anything of a magic nature. Searinox sees you staring and gives you his special smile (which is only for you), but seems otherwise oblivious. Distracted by you, he quickly has to sidestep, to avoid running over a hapless dwarf who walked too close. The beings in the streets around you are either occupied shopping or they are busy rebuilding the city after the attack of General Zithiruun’s army. Everyone around you seems too busy to notice that you are distracted. Secure in the knowledge that no one else can see the blazing inscription before you, you read on.

“Damaia Dear,

“I wish to thank you for the numerous souls that you have been sending to me through your efforts. Per our agreement, you continue to fill me with new souls for my consumption, so I will continue to empower your magic. I am also grateful to you and your companions for dealing with the gnoll who was trying to become an exarch of the Beast of Butchery, Yeenoghu. I had wanted to reward you previously for your valiant efforts, but other matters have distracted me. A goddess is trying to renege on an agreement we made with another people, which would free one of my most prized slaves. I am still dealing with this situation, and may need your assistance in the future if plans that I have in place fail to rectify the situation. We’ll discuss this more in the future, if needs be.

“As your reward, I will increase the power that I originally gave you access to. Due to your fiery nature as one of my children (Tieflings), I shall empower the fire within you, and open your mind up to spells of Pyromancy, befitting an arcanist of your growing proficiency.”

Suddenly, you feel as if your chest is on fire. Looking down, you see the fiery red finger that must have been writing in the air touch your chest. Abruptly, you are engulfed in a conflagration that seems to burn all around you. You gasp in a breath, expecting your lungs to be seared, but instead, the flames almost seem to comfort and caress you. Daring to look around, you can see that none of your companions have noticed the fiery nimbus around you, so you open yourself up to the exquisite power as it floods your very being. Pathways of magic in your mind seem to open up, expanding your understanding of all things arcane. Something in the universe seems to click into place, as your mind is able to grasp complex magic energies that had previously eluded your comprehension and abilities. The ecstasy of the moment leaves you grasping to hang on, but it is too soon fleeing you. As the flames around you flicker and die, the fiery words continue in the air.

“Use my gift well and know that I will expect more souls from you. Nay, that is not fair. I know that you will use your increased power well, sending deserving spirits to me here in Hell. Also, if events play out as I foresee, I suspect that you will have need of these increased powers before too long. Beware the Githyanki if their paths cross with yours.

“Remember if you ever have need of me, you have only to speak my name within your heart and if I can, I will answer you. This pact between us has been beneficial to me, and I look forward to watching your progress.”


The letters hang in the air, burning for a few moments more before burning out of existence, though the words will indelibly be forever inscribed in your minds eye. You realize with all that you have just been through, in so short a moment, you have fallen behind the others. Heaving a deep sigh, which seems to express your doubts of what you’ve gotten yourself further into, frustration at your Patron’s assumptions, and exaltation for new powers yet to explore, you quicken your pace to keep from being left behind.


During her month off, Damaia realized that she needed to spend some time each day getting used to her new powers. Besides that, she worked with Vylify in protecting Fortress Graystone. Whereas he was building constructs to work on watching and protecting the Earthmote, she wove spells and wards into the building for further protection. She also helped to build a hidden place for the iron-bound chest that Searynox was having built to store their magical items. Most of her wards and protective spells were centered around this.

The rest of her spare time was spent drinking and getting another magical tattoo so round out her abilities.



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