FR Scales of War

After the Siege

4/23 – 5/1/1479 DR


Bag of Holding Vylify Street Skirmish Found on body of Lost Ones wizard

After helping to save Overlook and the Rethild Vale from the Orc invasion, the Outsiders hold a Brass Key, which seemed to have little importance. While the group was resting, they found a group of thieves following them. When they saw some of them demanding “Protection” money, they took their chances to find out more.

After the Siege at Bordrin’s watch has ended, the group takes some needed R & R time. After a week or so, the group spends time shopping for upgrades. Searinox gets a tattoo from Misty (sounds whispy, soft-spoken) at The Consortium.

Damaia and Vylify visit Merty’s but along the way they notice that they’re being followed by someone. In the shop, Riley (kind of smarmy) hits on the Tiefling while hooking her up with Alchemical creations of his and the Artificer Eladrin and Orsik lose themselves talking about their trade. The two artificers could have continued forever, but Damaia was impatient to find out who was following them. So they returned to the streets. As they near the House of Sleep they can tell that they’re still being followed so Damaia turns to confront their unwanted guest while Vylify fey-steps behind him. They force him into one of the “quiet rooms” of the inn and force him to tell them why they’re being followed by the Lost Ones. He’s too new to know those details, but he lets them know that the guild is wanting to meet them over by some warehouses to discuss business. He leaves them with a stone to indicate the time they want to meet and then dashes for his freedom. Vylify returns to Merty’s so he and the gnome can craft some items together and Damaia sets off in search of the others.

Elarinya returns a letter to her family about what’s been going on in Overlook and then heads off to the Dungeoneer’s Survival Emporium to resupply. The rather large shop owner Myra (sounds like a big black woman), frightens the elf, but is able to help her with some mundane things. Rinya just can’t bring herself to flirt with like Edgar of the freeriders had hinted. Myra directs her to The Consortium for wondrous items. She heads over there and meets Bram Ironfell who directs her to Jonas (sounds like grandma). Jonas is slow but he’s able to help her.

Damaia is able to track down both the Dragonborn and the Elf Ranger in The Consortium and takes them back to the inn to discuss future plans. They all agree that this sounds like a trap but they want to find out why they’re being followed.

Once Vylify returns the next day, after having crafted his homonculus, they meet with the Lost Ones not long after noon. They learn that they were hired to retrieve the Brass Key they’d found on the dark creeper, Iranda, in the Vents. The Eladrin sends his new familiar up onto the roof and discovers that the group is being flanked. Just as he warns the others, a spell erupts between them all. Rinya and Damaia recognize the Lost One Wizard who had escaped during their previous encounter, and the group goes all out. Once the thieves are dead, they discover a note indicating that they’ve been hired to retrieve the brass key for Modra, and that the rest of their possessions were to be payment for the deed. The group then decides to split up and try to find out more information on Modra and why he’s after them and the key.

Vylify heads to Caer Overlook to research info on the Lost Ones and hopefully meet with the Great Elder on the Council. Searinox visits the temple of Kelemvor in the Nine Bells district and learns of the Cult of Exquisite Agony, but nothing about Modra. The ranger tracks the Lost Ones back to the district of Blister. There, Damaia uses here street knowledge, learned from years travelling as a merc. They learn:

  • “The threat of the orcs might be ended after the siege of Bordrin’s Watch, but word from the frontier is there’s more trouble on the march. Just like Tusk’s clan, the rabble of the mountains are getting their hands on good-grade weapons and armor, and they’re looking to use it.”
  • “You get all races in Overlook, but the dark ones that pass through the city keep to themselves. More often than not, those you do see are in the company of Lost Ones bodyguards and enforcers.”
  • “Someone by the name ‘Modra’ was said to be buying information a few months back, looking for
    those with experience mining the old caverns of the Stonehome.”
  • “Modra is a dark creeper, and well known in the city’s criminal underworld.”
  • “It’s said that the dark creeper Modra brokers weapons and armor through the Overlook black markets. Modra met up with a shadar-kai witch a month ago. Some said she was doing a deal for weapons, but she didn’t look much like a warrior.”
  • ((Also, while searching, Rinya climbs high and through some 2nd and 3rd story windows she sees some shady deals going down, drugs being bought, and an assassination attempt on Caer Overlook by the looks of the map she saw)).

Vylify has no luck finding anything useful, and Searinox goes in search of Kalad, who is now a Seargent of the Overlook Watch. The two ladies are continuing their search when they hear a tussel and they round the corner at the same time as the Dragonborn to see two ruffians being held at bay by a Dwarven Woman with a broom. The ruffians are asking for “protection money” but Reggen, who runs the Mountain’s Hearth inn, refuses to pay. Just as the Lost Ones are telling Reggen how dangerous it can be in this district Rinya rushes forward. “Oh yeah, I’ll show you just how dangerous it can be here, lady.” She charges one of th ruffians…



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